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Kingston HyperX Predator Review: 512GB of Flashdrive In Your Not-Even-Bulging Pocket

Flashdrives are a dime a dozen these days, hell, you can even get them in cereal boxes. But what if you needed to store something really, really big, and probably confidential on an easy-to-lose stick? Kingston's got you covered with its ludicrously expensive 512GB HyperX Predator USB 3.0 flashdrive. Just imagine how many nuclear codes, confidential files, and how much, errr, porn you could lose on this thing. WikiLeaks eat your heart out. Read More >>

Kingston's HyperX Predator Flash Drive Is the Easiest Way To Misplace a Terabyte Of Data

Last year at CES Victorinox surprised everyone with a one terabyte flash drive that the company estimated would sell for almost £2,000. It sounded too good to be true, and given there's been no sign of it since last January, it apparently was. So can Kingston fill the void left in our hearts with its new HyperX Predator one terabyte USB 3 flash drive? Let's hope so. Read More >>


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