Apple's iBookstore In Explicit Retweet Snafu

Looks like someone's going to get a boot up the backside. Apple doesn't have a very many official social media channels, possibly for this kind of reason. Whoever runs the official iBookstore Twitter account cocked-up royally, with one hell of a retweet. Read More >>

Visit Apple's iBookstore for a Curated Selection of Self-Published Soft Porn

Apple has added a new section of the iBookstore called Breakout Books that highlights up and coming self-published books from "emerging talents." Read More >>

Sell Your Book in the iBookstore and Apple Won't Let You Sell It Anywhere Else

Selling a book with Apple's iBook Author program is now a one-way ticket to Apple being the only place you can sell the book. Maybe selling your book on iBooks isn't such a great deal after all. Read More >>


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