The Futuristic Liquid Nitrogen Machine That Makes Ice Cream to Order

Despite the warm wood and cheery red accents, Smitten Ice Cream can feel a bit like a mad scientist's shop. There's the industrial-sized tank of liquid nitrogen that greets you inside the entrance of its new flagship location in Oakland. And there's the billowing clouds of nitrogen when the stainless steel ice cream machines churn out personalised scoops to order. Read More >>

I Did the World's First Ice Cream Cleanse: Yes, Really

Back during the no-carb diet craze of the early 2000s, I joked that I wanted to try a diet consisting of nothing but carbs and lipids. I would call it the Fatkins Diet. Guess what? I just did exactly that. I ate ice cream, and only ice cream, for four days straight. Yes, it's the world's first Ice Cream Cleanse, and no, I didn't just make it up. Read More >>

Why This Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Costs £140 a Pop

Of all the unique varieties that Ben & Jerry's has concocted over the years, nothing can come close to the wonderful absurdity that is this glowing ice cream created by Charlie Francis. Using a synthesised version of the luminescent proteins that cause jellyfish to glow when they're agitated, this gleaming frozen treat actually gets brighter as you lick it. Read More >>

A Physics-Defying Appliance That Bakes Up Hot Ice Cream (Say Wha?)

Most of us are happy to eat ice cream straight out of the container; even scooping it into a cone seems like too much of a hassle. But a restaurant in Spain called El Celler de Can Roca has come up with a novel way to serve the frozen treat—they bake it. Or, more specifically, they use a machine called the Oxymoron Maker II to entomb a scoop of ice cream inside a freshly baked brioche. Read More >>

Margaret Thatcher, the Scientist

Margaret Thatcher's death has had, erm, mixed reactions, from gushing editorials to merry renditions of Tramp the Dirt Down. But one thing they've largely failed to mention is that before she spent twenty years fighting off unions and steadfastly not turning, she was a rather successful scientist. Read More >>

Moon-Shaped Ice-Cream Sandwich Balls: Coming to a Freezer Near You

The only thing better than ice cream is ice cream with a gimmick. And since ice cream trucks are all actually sort of chemist vans in disguise (right?), and those Pikachu-faced Popsicles aren't even that tasty, please direct your attention to this new and very wonderful upgrade, coming straight from the guys who know how to make ice cream best: Häagen-Dazs. Read More >>

This Spectacular BOGOF On Pizza With Ben & Jerry's Is Your Tummy-Fattening Deal of The Day

We know what you lot are like. Once the Olympics ended, you vowed to cut out the junk food and get fit. But now, a few weeks later, you’ve suffered a few injuries and you’ve had enough. Come back to the dark side. Come back to the comfort food. Read More >>

Soy Sauce Ice Cream Is the Worst Idea Ever

Even if it's for a good cause, what would possess you to invent soy sauce ice cream? I guess the Japanese must like it, or at least one confectionary company hopes so. Proceeds from its latest potentially disgusting flavour go towards reconstruction of Rikuzentakata city, which was totally flattened by the tsunami. Read More >>

You Need 1,872 Processors to Accurately Simulate Ice Cream

If you think making ice cream is easy, think again. For commercial manufacturers of the stuff, perfecting the recipe is so important that they model its properties on a supercomputer—and to do it properly requires a rig packing 1,872 processors. Read More >>

This Ice Cream Cart Runs on Sunshine

In the UK, the instantly-recognisable tinkling of the Mr. Whippy truck approaching is the hallmark sound of summer. Those old white trucks might deliver melty dairy goodness, but whatever comes out of their tailpipes can't be good for the planet—which is what makes these solar-powered ice cream carts so awesome. Read More >>

They've Finally Perfected the Ice Cream Scoop

This fine piece of gastronomical engineering could very well be the perfect ice cream scoop. And if you've ever battled to get ice cream out of a container with a more traditional looking scoop, you'll appreciate the extra thought that's gone into this one's design. Read More >>

We Finally Know What Really Causes Ice Cream Headaches

Everyone's experienced that sharp, shooting headache as a result of stuffing their face with ice cream. Previously, scientists have suggested it's just a result of the rapid cooling and rewarming of blood vessels in the sinuses—but a new study shows that the cause is actually buried much deeper. Read More >>

Important Avalanche Research Could Lead to More Important Advancements in Ice Cream Technology

As part of its research into preventing avalanches, the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Switzerland has a deep understanding of the structure of snow and ice crystals. Which Nestle realised could also be applied to improving the shelf-life of ice cream. Read More >>


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