It's a Shame To Think These 3D Milled Ice Cubes Will Melt Away

If you're throwing a dinner party and really want to impress your guests, nothing says "I have too much money and free time" like using a 3D milling machine to sculpt a frozen drink-chilling masterpiece like this. Read More >>

Terrify Your Dinner Party Guests With These Thudding T-Rex Ice Cubes

The number one rule for hosting a successful dinner party? Make sure your guests fear gruesome death by dinosaur at least once during the evening. One way to achieve the effect? These ice ripples that mimic that scene—you know the one—from the original Jurassic Park. No T-Rex needed! Read More >>

Hands Down the Easiest Way to Make Ice Spheres

Have you seen some of the contraptions needed to make those sphere-shaped ice cubes that are all the rage? They look like they belong in a factory stamping out auto parts from sheet metal. This silicone Frozen Peas mould looks infinitely easier—and so much more adorable. Read More >>

Spiked Ice Tray Lets You Freeze Up Untraceable Murder Weapons

Well this seems kinda irresponsible. Fred & Friends claims this ice tray that produces 14 frozen spikes is actually designed to make your drink more badass—like a spiked collar. But what it's clearly failing to realize is that the tray is also an easy way to create 14 stabbing weapons that leave little to no evidence behind on a warm day. So here's to hoping the bad guys of the world don't have an extra £6.50 lying around. [Fred & Friends] Read More >>

The Best Ways To Keep Your Drinks Ice Cold This Summer

After the wettest June on record and a less than impressive start to July, the wonderful British summer is off to a characteristically slow start. However, in the name of stoic British duty, its Wimbledon time and that means its time to start drinking outdoors. Read More >>

Imagine Finding Richard Branson's Severed Head Floating in Your G&T

I’m not sure about you, but I find the idea of having an effigy of Sir Richard Branson floating in my beverage a tad creepy. The fancy new ice cubes, shaped like the British entrepreneur’s severed head, will adorn the drinks upper class customers of Virgin Atlantic so that Sir Richard can “travel with you in spirit.” Read More >>


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