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A Massive Glacial Crack Just Made an Iceberg as Big as New York City

a massive crack in the Pine Island glacier (PIG) in Antarctica has created a massive iceberg—which is as big as New York City. Read More >>

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Is This Father Christmas' Home Entrance?

I don't buy this whole Santa lives at the North Pole thing. Obviously — looking at this picture of an incredible ice structure by Sander Klaassen — the real Santa must live in Pleneau Bay, Antarctica. The fake Coca-Cola one is the one who lives in the North Pole, with the polar bears. [National Geographic] Read More >>

Real Science + Animated GIF = Awesomeness

NASA satelite imaging has revealed that a massive crack in Antartica's Pine Island glacier is growing fast. Which is bad. But the GIF it's made is so good it almost makes up for it. Read More >>


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