A Floating Arctic City Fuelled by Consuming Icebergs

With glaciers firing off more icebergs into the Atlantic than ever before, it shouldn't be surprising that people are envisioning futures that make the most of the dystopian realities a climate-changed world could bring. Cities that float around the arctic while eating icebergs are another one of those futures. Read More >>

This Is the Biggest Iceberg Break-Up Ever Captured on Video

You're watching the biggest chunk of an iceberg breaking off a glacier ever captured on video. It is incredible. Read More >>

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When an Iceberg Flips Over It Looks Like a Monster Rising Out of the Sea

We've learnt not to mess with icebergs. They're big, hard and bring down ships with ease. They're also pretty majestic sometimes, and can move like a mammoth monster rising out of the sea when they flip over, as this incredible tourist-shot video shows. Read More >>

Why the Titanic Sank

100 years ago tomorrow, the Titanic sank. Obviously we know the iceberg was the cause, but what exactly did the iceberg damage that caused the ship to snap in half and fall to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Turns out, where the ship was hit proved just as important as the fact that it suffered a blow at all. Read More >>


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