Google UK Told to Rewrite its Privacy Policy or Face Possible Legal Action

Remember all the fuss regarding Google's updated universal privacy policy that kicked in last year? We're going to have to go through it all again, as the UK's privacy watchdog has decided it's too unclear for users to understand and needs changing. Read More >>

ICO: Google Must Delete Wi-Fi Slurp Data in 35 Days or Else

How Google's managed to escape a fine over its gobbling of Wi-Fi data by its fleet of Street View cars in the UK, I have no idea. But the Information Commissioner's Office has given the search giant 35 days to eradicate all traces of the amassed data or face criminal charges. Read More >>

Sony Gets a Whopping £250,000 Slap Across the Face For That PSN Hacking Mess

Ouch, talk about putting the boot in. The Information Commissioner's Office has decided that Sony should have done more to prevent all that PSN hacking back in 2011, which saw millions of users details, including credit cards and addresses, compromised. It's slapped Sony with a huge £250,000 fine. Read More >>

Google's Head Is Officially Back on the Chopping Block For Its Wi-Fi Data Slurp

The Information Commissioner's Office is officially looking into the goings on at Google again. Having seen the American FCC slap big G with a £16,000 fine, the ICO's having stern words over Google's Street View Wi-Fi sniffing. Read More >>

Google's Wi-Fi Data-Harvesting Claims Back Under ICO Investigation

The long-running saga of Google's Street View cars and what user data they did/didn't harvest and if it was/wasn't done on purpose has exploded back into life, with claims that Google purposefully built code to grab our data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks seeing the search giant back under the eye of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. Read More >>

ICO Nukes 20,000 Spammers' SIM Cards For Good

Getting less spam texts recently? You can thank our good ol'Information Commissioner’s Office. It’s finally put its newfound muscle into practice and has blocked 20,000 SIM cards responsible for bombarding us poor folk with around eight million spam texts a day. Read More >>

NHS Facing Record £375,000 Fine Over Medical Data Breach Drives Flogged Online

After hard drives containing sensitive patient data were sold-off on eBay, the NHS has a rather massive fine coming its way from the Information Commissioner's Office. Thing is, it wasn’t exactly the NHS’s fault. Read More >>

Online Bingo Players Gambling With More Than Their Money

Online bingo's big business in the UK, but players of Foxy Bingo got a bit more risk than they bargained for. Personal data, including names and addresses, of over 65,000 Foxy players was recently put up for sale having been stolen in 2008. Read More >>


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