Who Designed the Hamburger Icon?

The hamburger icon is a classic. Even if you don't know it by that name, its three black bars are as familiar as your mouse's cursor—they've been there, a constant companion on your cyber journey since the day you got your first computer. But who designed this icon? Read More >>

Alleged KitKat 4.4 Images Show Flattened 2D-Style Android

Some images of what's alleged to be Android 4.4 appeared over the weekend, with screen captures of a phone supposedly running the new KitKat release giving us a look at what may be Google's ever-so-slightly redesigned new mobile OS. Read More >>

ios 7
How Different Your Favourite Apps Look in iOS 7

All that chatter about the death of skeuomorphism, the rise of flat design, and what that means for the next major incarnation of Apple's mobile OS have all been leading up to today. And truth be told, it's beautiful. But that's on Apple's end, the real question is how well app developers are going to adapt to this new ecosystem. Read More >>

A Lot of Cameras Are Going to Change in the Tiniest Way Possible

If you use a Sony or Fujifilm camera or Nokia phone or anything like that, you may notice a slight difference in future editions of your favorite camera and phones. The iconic Carl Zeiss imprint on the camera lens will now be just ZEISS. I guess they were growing tired of non photogs asking who the heck is Carl Zeiss? Read More >>

ios 7
These New iOS 7 Icons Sure Look Familiar

Apple's new app icons are sure something, aren't they? Each one is so delightful and cheery and vibrant. Who knew shading would look so much better than drop shadows! But wait! I think I've seen some of these before. Read More >>

The Iconic "Mind the Gap" Is Back After Widow's Request

It's not often government shows a touch of class, but TfL's gone and done just that. After a letter from the widow of Peter Lodge, the original "Mind the Gap" man, requesting that it be played on the Northern Line at Embankment, just so she could hear his voice again, London Underground has re-instated the classic announcement at Embankment, and is planning to roll out it to other platforms too. Simply brilliant. If you don't know the tale behind the iconic catchphrase, check out the story on [The Importance of Being Trivial] Read More >>

design week
Zen, and the Art of Stunning App Icons

HD screens have ushered in a design revolution where details don't just matter -- they're a requirement. Now an emerging scene of designers bound by format guidelines are treating their icons as visual haikus, and the photo-realistic results are stunning. Read More >>

How Many Icons Do You Have On Your Desktop?

There are plenty of ways to keep a desktop. On the one hand, it's kind of like your default folder, immediately displayed to you on login. It's a convenient place for those things you need quick, like dozens of shortcuts. On the other hand, it's a homescreen, a homescreen, and shouldn't you keep your home clean and pristine? After all, that's what the start menu/launcher is for. Read More >>

Finally, a Left-Handed Person Can Feel Normal on the Internet

Left-handed people have it tough. Scissors aren't meant for them; the average mouse isn't shaped for them and gloves aren't meant for them. Everyday life has been backwards. But it's okay! You can be normal on the internet now with this left-hand pointer icon. Read More >>

Computer Icons That Don't Make Sense Anymore

Scott Hanselman is a Microsoft programmer, stand-up comedian, and author. And now, he is a philosopher of computer iconography. The bane of his existence? It's the Icons whose real world analogues no longer exist. Here are five of the worst offenders. For the rest of the list, be sure to visit Scott's blog. Read More >>

Retina Display MacBooks Seem Inevitable Now

Here is another sign of the arrival of Retina(ish) displays to the next-generation MacBook Pros: in addition to new high definition cursors in the previous version, the latest Lion update has new ultra-high resolution app icons. Read More >>

Microsoft Talks Dirty on Windows Phone Sexy App Guidelines

Microsoft's Windows team has put together a guide covering Windows Phone app branding and giving out developer design advice, in which it sets out the rules regarding getting your "sexy" content on WP. The above icons are allowed. Windows phone might be about to get a very unexpected adult makeover. Read More >>


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