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8 Random Celebrities Who Are Getting Google Glass

When Google started its Glass-giving spree, it picked out some odd picks. It got so bad that some of those offers got pulled. But you can bet these celebrity winners will get their copies. Read More >>

google glass
Just Kidding, Google Is Now Disqualifying Some Winners of the Google Glass Contest

After letting people know that they owe Google $1500 for the honor of getting Google Glass early, Google busted the ol' elementary school Indian Giver on them. Meaning, some of those "winners" won't be able to get Google Glass because they've been disqualified by Google. I wonder who those people are. Read More >>

google glass
Meet the People Who Suddenly Owe Google £1100

We already knew about the lucky six who will officially have the honor of paying Google $1,500 in exchange for Glass and the adventures and probable ridicule that will soon follow. But now @projectglass is announcing the rest of the lucky winners by replying individually to their #ifihadglass tweets. Here they are in all their glory. Read More >>


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