Ikea Just Bought a Wind Farm Big Enough to Power all of its US Stores

It takes a lot of energy to keep the lights on as you greedily pile cheap kitchen dongles and weird cookies into that blue bag, which is why Ikea is making a push to offset its total energy consumption by 2020. This week, it took a big step towards doing so by buying a wind farm in Illinois. Read More >>

An Early Look at Ikea's Light, Cheap, and Portable 2014 Collection

Ikea is already the gold standard for furniture that moves well, but this year its designers are pushing the art of nomadism even further. Images of Ikea's new PS collection have arrived, and its name—On the Move—says it all. Read More >>

You'll Never Trip Over This in-Ground Solar Light

They're the perfect accent to a well-manicured backyard, but the solar-powered lights dotting your gardens and walkways are just one misstep away from being accidentally destroyed. So Ikea's come up with the perfect solution, LED lights that you press into your lawn so that they're firmly stuck in the ground while still providing plenty of light. Read More >>

Why It Takes Ikea Five Years to Design One Kitchen

I’ve always daydreamed about what working at IKEA must be like: Creating whimsical reindeer-shaped furniture, testing new meatball recipes, and dreaming up adorable product names. But as the Wall Street Journal reveals today, the process of developing products at the world's largest furniture retailer is an epic, efficiency-driven numbers game. Read More >>

IKEA or Death? Separating the Black Metal Bands from the Billy Bookcases

Skogaby -- is that the name of an IKEA three seater sofa, or a Swedish death metal band obsessed with goats? Tough question, right? That's the simple and often hilarious premise behind IKEA or Death, a website dedicated to helping you touch up on your satanic rock knowledge while also offering a hand as you plan your next living room makeover, all in an enjoyable quiz format. Read More >>

IKEA's Going to Sell Solar Panels Now (No Assembly Required)

Get excited, Earthlings who like the Earth: IKEA just announced a new program to sell energy-saving solar panels in each of its 17 UK stores. This means that with a little bit more effort than it takes to purchase a set of Billy bookcases, Brits can be doing their part to bring the world a little closer to sustainable energy. Read More >>

Ikea's New App Transports Furniture Right Into Your Living Room

Ikea's messed around with augmented reality before, but this year they've really outdone themselves. With just a phone and a copy of the catalogue, you can now call up a digital version of any piece of furniture and put it anywhere in your home. Read More >>

There's Enough Ikea Furniture in Porn to Fill a Whole Tumblr (NSFW)

Let's not beat around the bush: We all watch porn. OK? OK. And it turns out that while we're doing that, we're getting a full view of Ikea's affordable, easily cleanable, porn-friendly furnishings. Read More >>

Ikea's LED Strips Automatically Illuminate the Deepest Darkest Drawers

Whether you get ready for work at some impossibly early hour before the sun rises, or you live in a cheap windowless basement flat, Ikea's new Dioder strip lights will bring some much needed illumination to drawers, cupboards, and closets. Read More >>

A Porn Site About IKEA Furniture Is Explicitly Ridiculous

This is perfectly ridiculous in every single way. The video thumbnails of IKEA's Malm bed. The suggestive captions that use porny tag words like 'blonde', 'twins', 'hammered' and more. The ridiculous amount of views that each 'video' has. The live webcam. The skeevy black background. It's a fantastic parody of a porn website if you replaced every single porn reference with just a link to IKEA's Malm bed. Read More >>

IKEA Uses a Staggering One Per Cent of the World's Wood

The easiest joke to make about IKEA is that few of its products—from shelves to meatballs—are made from what they seem. But even particleboard still requires wood—and a lot of it, when you’re selling 100 million products every year. Read More >>

No Allen Key Needed: Ikea Designs a Smarter Flatpack Refugee Shelter

If there's any company on earth with an expertise in designing things that are easy to transport and assemble, it's Ikea. So it makes perfect sense that the Swedish furniture manufacturer would team up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees—or the UNCHR for short—to redesign the temporary shelters that millions of refugees around the world call home. Read More >>

Ikea In Swedish Teaches You How to Correctly Pronounce Its Products

Presumably to preserve its heritage, Ikea uses traditional Swedish names for all of its products, even in its hundreds and hundreds of stores outside the country. So those of us who grew up with English as our mother tongue are left scratching our heads as we wander through an Ikea showroom, afraid to take a stab at pronouncing a particular product lest we sound like fools. But not any longer. Read More >>

Truth About the IKEA Catalogue

Whether you love IKEA for being a one stop shop to fill out your home with a seemingly endless inventory of knick knacks or hate the big box shop for its self-destructing furniture and not so easy instructions, the IKEA catalogue is probably the most printed book after the Bible. But what is IKEA hiding in its impeccably decorated pages? This video exposes it, brilliantly. Read More >>

Finally a Robot Will Help You Build IKEA Furniture

The real thing that's frustrating about building IKEA furniture isn't the little screws or the instructions. It's the person who's helping you. They misunderstand directions, hum Rihanna songs and kick the last dowel under the refrigerator by accident. And you can't say anything because they're doing you a favour. Read More >>


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