SurroundWeb: Microsoft's Plan to Cloak Your Living Room With Internet

Your browser is in all your devices. Hell, you can even get it in your watch if you're down with that. And in the Microsoft world, its next destination is your living room wall. Read More >>

Lights Out For Illumiroom Due to "Thousands of Dollars" Potential Cost

Microsoft's bonkers lounge-lighting, holodeck-like Illumiroom gaming concept is unlikely to ever see the light of day outside Microsoft tech demos, as the company says it would be a nightmare for the average man to set up and the cost would be... astronomical. Read More >>

Microsoft's Crazy IllumiRoom: More Details About a Real-Life Holodeck

The IllumiRoom would take the physical form of a small, wide-angle projection box that would sit on your coffee table, facing the TV. From there, it would feed off all kinds of information — from tapping right into a game's source code, to reading raw controller input — to apply all manner of effects. Read More >>

Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Entire Wall into a TV Screen For Your Xbox

Microsoft has an IllumiRoom project that projects images onto the entire wall of your room. It's pretty crazy, when you're playing video games, the IllumiRoom will show you what's happening around you on the screen too. Basically, you get what giant wall TV for playing video games. Could this be part of the next Xbox? Read More >>


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