Stare at This Illusion for 10 Seconds to Witness Witchcraft

Your eyes can paint colours onto blank objects. I swear! Just stare at the red dot in this optical illusion for 10 seconds and you'll see the black and white cityscape be transformed; each building will have its own nuanced colour. Magic! Read More >>

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Optical Illusions Make This Boring Desk Pretty Amazing

Never Hide Films has been working with Ray Ban since 2007 to put out weird videos that make you think about the world differently. And ideally make you want to go buy sunglasses. This one, titled "Super Clever Sunglass Illusion," has enough twists to keep the momentum going. Read More >>

The Different Shades in This Picture Are Actually Painted in Real Life

What's going on in this picture? Did the photographer add some special lens? Is this some kooky Instagram filter? Is the camera defective? Was it photoshopped? Maybe folded over and over? Nope. The stripes inside the photograph are actually painted like that in real life. Read More >>

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Holy Crap These Four Images Are Actually Just One Single Picture

On first glance, you probably thought these images were four different pictures stitched together with Pic Stitch for Instagram or something. I don't blame you, it looks like a perfect windowpane. But what's crazy is if you look closer, these four images are actually just one single photograph. What. Read More >>

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Watch Audio Frequencies Create Amazing Visual Patterns

Sometimes when the music is really good, and the sound is really loud, and the pill is really potent, you can see what you hear. But that's just brain tricks. This, however, is real and mesmerising. Watch how different audio frequencies can create mind blowing visual patterns. It's a kaleidoscope of sound. Read More >>

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How The Heck Does This Magical Tile Board Work?

This board of tiles (or Azulejos, which is a form of Portugese artwork that involves tilework), is making my brain lose its gray matter. The tile board somehow maintains the same number of tiles even when some individual tiles are removed. How did all the tiles fit in the first place? How does it still fit after getting rid of three tiles? Where is the missing square? What sorcery is this? Read More >>

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Holy Crap, Watch Water Bend Like You've Never Seen It Before

Our favourite mind warping illusionist Brusspup has a slick new trick to wrap your raisin brain around: water flows normally and then BOOM, it warps and twists and bends like you never imagined water could when sound hits it. How does this happen? Read More >>

20 Optical Illusions That Might Break Your Mind

Viewer discretion advised! Do not scroll down unless your brain is made of steel and your nerves are Teflon. Some people simply cannot stand optical illusions. For the rest of you, check these beauties out. Read More >>

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Ten (Mostly) New Illusions to Kick Start Your Brain This Morning

After a Monday like yesterday, it's not easy to get your brain back in gear for the rest of the work week. So consider this two-and-a-half minute collection of optical illusions a mental boot camp with Richard Wiseman serving as your overly-pleasant drill sergeant. Read More >>

How to Take the Classic MySpace Mirror Picture Without the Camera In It

Most of the times the classic MySpace self-portrait is trashy. Sometimes they're accidentally hilarious. With this Photoshop trick, they can be mind-numbingly, body-trippingly awesome. That's because it's a mirrored self-portrait of you... without the camera in the picture. Read More >>

This Optical Illusion Makes Me Trip Balls

Gah! No, this isn't an animated gif but so help me god it won't. Stop. Moving. Read More >>

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A Few Well-Placed Dots on a Checkerboard Will Make You Think You Dropped Acid

As more and more small white dots are added to this black and white checkerboard in arrow patterns, your eyes are automatically drawn towards its centre and you'll start to start to think it looks warped. But it's not. Excuse me while I go vomit. Read More >>

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Your Brain Will Melt After You See This Negative Image

Want to add more wrinkles to that ol' brain of yours? Stare at the colored dots on the girl's nose in the photo above for 30 seconds. Then look at a white surface (blank browser, mayhaps) and start blinking. You should see a non-negative image of the girl. WHAT. BRAIN. MELTING. WHAT. OHMYGOD. Yep, that jiggly stuff in your head just processed a negative image. Sweet. [PetaPixel] Read More >>

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Watch This Image Disappear Before Your Very Eyes

Take a good look at this image. In fact, stare at it, dead centre. There's no trick to it; just look straight ahead, relax, and watch as something you know is there vanishes into nothingness. Read More >>

These Pictures of People with Half-Faced Illusions Are Twisting My Brain

This photography illusion, made with a Samsung L100 camera and Photoshop, turns half of a person's face into a picture of their profile too. Are they looking straight at you? Or looking to the side? I can't freaking tell and it's giving me brain sores. Read More >>


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