BitTorrent Thinks It Can Make Your Online Chat Secure

The fallout from the NSA spying scandal has left many people unsure about what they should and shouldn't share across the tubes. But now BitTorrent thinks it has the answer: an instant-message chat client that uses the torrenting principle of decentralised data transfer to keep your communications safe. Read More >>

Google Talk Is Sending Messages to the Wrong Recipients

Well, this could be embarrassing. According to user reports, Google Talk appears to be delivering messages to the wrong recipients. Read More >>

Have You Been Charged For Using WhatsApp Yet?

WhatsApp on the iPhone has finally gone free and has switched to a yearly charge of 69p for the privilege of messaging your million friends. It supposedly brings the iPhone app in line with the Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone apps, but have you actually ever been charged for using WhatsApp past buying the app in the first place? Read More >>

New Google Play Is On the Way With Babel Peeking Out From Behind the Curtain

We've heard rumours of an impending Google Play re-design, as well as a consolidation of all-things chat from Google called Babble Babel. Now both have reared their pretty little heads. This is apparently what Google Play 4.0 will look like, while Babel's been poking its head out from behind Gmail. Read More >>

Report: Google Babble's Coming to Unify All Your Messaging

Google Talk is great. It's lightweight, fast, and built on Jabber (XMPP). But then, Google's also got G+ messenger, Hangout, and even Drive chat. Mountain View's in a bit of a mess when it comes to chatting because there are just so many options across its different platforms. Google Babble is apparently set to end that, with one unified, cross-platform chat solution, which will span Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and the cloud. Read More >>

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Is It Okayyyyyy To Say Heyyyyyyyyyy?

There's a virus we need to talk about. It's spread between our brains, fingers, and keyboards, we rarely think about it, and we almost all do it. Maybe it's harmless. Or maybe it's corroding our entire language. Ughhhhhhhhhhh! Read More >>

Google Talk Is Down

Google is reporting that there's a widespread outage of its Talk IM service. The company explains that it's "aware of a problem with Google Talk affecting a majority of users". Read More >>

Skype Instant Messaging Is Sharing Conversations with Random Contacts

Skype has acknowledged a bug that is affecting users in pretty much the most horrifying way possible. Instant messages sent over Skype are being sent to random contacts—even contacts you've never connected with before. Read More >>

A New IM-Attacking Trojan Takes You and Your Facebook For a Spammy Ride

It seems Mark Zuckerberg isn't the only one trying to make a tidy sum out of Facebook right now. There's a social-spreading, IM-attacking worm on the loose and it'll take hold of your Facebook and IM accounts to ruin everyone's day. Read More >>

AIM Is (Unofficially) Dead

For anyone inside the generation for which AOL was synonymous with the internet, and AIM was prerequisite to any social life at all, some pretty sad news: AOL just sacked its IM team. The old king of chat is paraplegic. Read More >>

Gizmodo's Guide to IM Etiquette

Everyone has an obnoxious instant messenger friend. If you don't, it's probably you. Our parents didn't come of age in the days of MSN and AOL, so it's unlikely that they were able to pass on the finer points of internet manners. Well, Mumma Gizmodo is here for you, baby. Now suckle from our teat of wisdom. Read More >>

The Best IM App

Does anyone use their smartphones as phones anymore? Faux pas. Text me! Send an email. Heck, you know you can even IM me, right? Oh, but you don't know what the best Instant Messaging app on iOS or Android is? That's okay. Here you go. Read More >>

RIM Begins To Restore BlackBerry Services (Updated)

BlackBerry users will soon get their email fix again as RIM is finally restoring its BlackBerry services worldwide. Read More >>


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