Is this Mix Between the Mac Pro and the iMac Awesome or Just Crazy

This is the iPro, a mix between the iMac and the Mac Pro. It has a 35-inch (88.9cm) display and touch controls to make the screen lean. The concept is by Swiss designer Kurt Merki Jr. Madness or genius? You decide. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple Event For New iPads and Haswell-Powered iMacs Will Be Oct 15th

Apple might be about to refresh its desktop Mac and iPad ranges next month, with rumours suggesting a new gathering of the faithful is scheduled for October 15th. Read More >>

Are New iMacs and MacBook Pros Imminent?

We think we know Apple's got an iPhone event coming up on the 10th of September, but does it also have new iMacs and new MacBook Pros for us too? The stars are starting to align. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy a Wall-Mountable Version of the New iMac

At launch, Apple's new iMac was incompatible with VESA's well-known and much-loved wall mounting systems. Fret no longer, space savers, because now you can buy the new iMacs with a built-in VESA wall adapter from the Apple store. Read More >>

Whyyyyy Are Headphone Jacks on the Wrong Side of Computers?

This is a problem. It's not the biggest problem in the world, but it's a just such a dumb, thoughtless, annoying design flaw that it bears mentioning. Apple's doing headphone jacks wrong. Actually, no, everyone's doing them wrong. Read More >>

21-inch iMac 2012 (Thin) Review: Looks Only Get You So Far

Gadgets get thinner. Apple's gadgets more than most. That's just the natural order of things. But while thin and light are two of the chief virtues of mobile, and prettier is always better, the new deskbound iMac has to prove it's more than just a diet plan. Read More >>

In Depth iMac Teardown Turns Up Glue Galore

Just after the iMac went on sale Friday, a haphazard Japanese teardown turned up scant details about the new iMac's innards. Now iFixit has gotten in there for a much more in depth teardown and have found lots more. As you might have expected, the 21.5-Inch iMac's svelte new frame comes at a cost, and that cost involves a whole bunch of glue. Read More >>

You Can Buy a Fake New iMac Before Apple's Has Even Gone on Sale

Apple's new iMac is taking its time to arrive in stores. But if you're bored of waiting, you can already get a dodgy Chinese fake of the sleek new computer—before anyone has managed to get their hands on the official product. Read More >>

Apple's New iMacs Are More Tease Than Reality

It looks like the thinness of Apple's latest iteration of their highly desirable all-in-one isn't the only potential problem for consumers, as, well, there are currently none to buy, nor is the company taking any pre-orders for the svelte machines. Not just that -- Apple has also pulled the previous generation from the store too. Erk. Read More >>

The New iMac Is a Little Too Thin

Those anorexic new, super-thin iMacs are gorgeous for sure, but there's a serious downside to that diminutive depth -- the 21.5-inch iMac no longer has RAM you can replace yourself, so you're stuck with Apple's horrendously expensive prices, just like the MacBook Air and new retina MacBook Pro models. Ouch. Read More >>

New Apple iMac (2012) Hands-On: Shocker! People Are Psyched!

One of the happy surprises from Apple's event today was the new iMac. Now that the dust has settled people are putting their grubby blogger-paws all over that shiny, pristine monolith. Guess what, it's like, suuuuper thin! Read More >>

what is
What Is Friction-Stir Welding?

To create the new iMac, Apple's thinnest desktop yet, the designers used friction-stir welding to going the aluminium body. Unlike arc welding, the more standard way to fuse metal plates, a friction stir just needs a good rubbing — and a few thousand kilos of pressure — to stick together. Read More >>

What Is Apple's Fusion Drive?

While introducing the new ridiculously thin iMac, Apple also revealed its new Fusion Drive. What is it? It's a new storage system that supposedly combines the best of SSD and HDD. Basically, the speed of a SSD with the storage space of a big spinning HDD. Read More >>

Apple's New iMacs Are Crazy Thin

Apple has defied that assumption that the desktop is on the outs and dropped refreshed super-thin iMacs at its event today. Read More >>

design week
10 Great and British Designs, Handpicked by Two Eagle-Eyed Design Critics

Tim Greenhalgh of FITCH writes... "Design is everywhere, and there is almost nothing that you use or see everyday that has, in fact, not been designed in some way...but is it great? For me, great design makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention – it’s transformational and makes you view the regular world around you in a totally new way. It's remarkable because after seeing it, you want to tell someone/everyone about it: ”have you seen…!” Read More >>

Updated Mac Mini Added to Apple's Rumoured Mammoth October 23rd Range Refresh

A new version of Apple's cute little Mac box is also on the cards for its imminent hardware refresh, meaning pretty much every Mac laptop and desktop, as well that iPad mini, ought to be seeing a new release of some sort at the end of the month. Read More >>


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