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This Dramatic Shadowplay Marked The Last Red Arrows-Vulcan Flypast

By Attila Nagy on at

British aerobatic team RAF Red Arrows has performed a majestic flypast with XH558, the last of the Vulcan bombers, for the final time at the Southport Air Show on Saturday September 19th. The nine red Hawk jet trainer aircraft of the Royal Air Force made a V-shape in front of the Vulcan, and performed a flypast with the mighty Cold War aircraft over water, casting a sentimental shadow onto the ground. Read more >>

This Warship Looks Like a Scene From Tron

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Looking like a scene from Tron, this is the the guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely as it sails through the Atlantic Ocean on training operations. The MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter sits atop the ship as it refuels, while sailors take part in a training exercise with the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group. [U.S. Navy]