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Jupiter's Great Red Spot Looking Like a Swirl of Cream in Your Coffee

This might look like a splash of cream in your coffee—but in fact it's Jupiter's Great Red Spot, imaged by NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft. Read More >>

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What Happens When Four Sharks Meet a Giant School of Fish

Four blacktip reef sharks swim among a school of bait fish off the coast of Argentina. The fish, naturally, do not seem happy to see said sharks. That is most certainly because the sharks are hungry, and they are the buffet. Read More >>

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We Don't Care That This Daring Yacht Photo is Just Hugo Boss, Trying to Flog More Suits

Despite the obvious ploy from Hugo Boss to shift more suits and sunglasses, these photos showing British yachtsman Alex Thomson scaling the 100ft mast of his yacht, which was tilted to a 60-degree angle at the time, are pretty incredible. Read More >>

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Herschel's Largest Survey of Cosmic Dust is Huge and Beautiful

The largest ever census of dust in the local Universe has been carried out by the European Space Agency's Herschel space observatory—and the results are huge and beautiful. Read More >>

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Distract Yourself From Fake Summer With the Most Amazing Pools on Earth

As spring rears its head and tricks us into thinking summer has come early, we've taken to meditating on incredible pools to try and be prepared for when the real thing comes along. Below, find some of the most luxurious, elegant, and downright outlandish designs around. Read More >>

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This Beautiful Blur of Colour is a Space Rainbow Over Venus

This isn't some sort of alien test card beamed from Venus, but a rainbow-like optical phenomenon known as a glory in the atmosphere of our nearest planetary neighbour. Read More >>

Real Military Images Feel Like Lost Frames From The Empire Strikes Back

I came across some winter time military photographs that looked like lost frames from the Battle of Hoth, in The Empire Strikes Back. So much, in fact, that I couldn't resist adding some laser gun turrets and AT-ATs. Read More >>

13 Gorgeous Travel Posters From 1930s Japan

These extremely rare, previously unseen travel posters make me want to travel back in time and visit a Japan of another era. These beautiful graphics were recently rediscovered, and they'll auctioned off at the Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction this month. Read More >>

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This Colourful Image is a Microscopic Electronic Device

It may look like it belongs on the wall of a 1960s home, but this image is in fact a microscopic view of a tiny electronic device. Read More >>

Real NASA Pics That Look Like Stills From Gravity

Nope, you're not looking at stills from the Oscar-winning film Gravity. They're all real photos, straight from NASA, and they were all shot in space. Read More >>

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Booze Exploding at High Speeds Looks Like a Beautiful Brain Scan

These ephemeral pics capture alcohol exploding at high speeds. They look like the mushroom clouds of atomic bombs or scans of the human brain. And to think, these are substances we put in our bodies on a regular basis. Read More >>

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Pure Space Porn: These are the Naughtiest Rocket Parts

Rocket hardware is always awesome eye candy, no matter what country is sending stuff into space. Awesome, and, well, sexy. You know what I mean. I like the rockets with the boom. Just look at all these pretty space-bound asses. Read More >>

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Ecuador's Mountains Look Beautiful From Space

It may look more like modern art, but you're actually looking at a the highlands of Ecuador seen from the European Space Agency's Envisat. Read More >>

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Incredible Concept Art From the Most Amazing Sci-Fi Movie Never Made

Before we get into the concept art here, you've gotta watch the trailer for Jodorowsky's Dune, a new documentary chronicling the eponymous Chilean director's crazy-ambitious attempt to bring Frank Herbert's sci-fi classic to the big screen in the 1970s. Read More >>

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Incredible Photo of a Supernova at Peak Brightness Captured by Hubble

Even if Hubble had been a total disaster spewing one crappy image after the other for more than two decades, it would have been worth it just for this single image: a supernova explosion in the galaxy M82, taken on January 31, as it approached peak brightness. Read More >>


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