Alleged iPhone 6 Internal Organs Leaked in Bizarre "Schematics" Illustrations

Do you want to know what the internal proportions of the next iPhone may be like? Will you only consider purchasing it if the battery compartment is aligned in an attractive manner? If so, check this out; images that claim to be "schematics" of the iPhone 6. Will they make for a phone as slick as the concept above? Read More >>

Photoshop, or Did Samsung Cock Up and Suggest Using a Penis to Control the Galaxy Note?

Let's be generous and put this staggering Samsung billboard down to a typographical error at the printer, shall we? Though it's more than likely a Photoshop, yes. Although, biologically speaking, the penis is better than the finger in some respects, although the finger is perhaps more adaptable and can reach... we'll stop there. Read More >>

Snaphack Saves Your Snapchat Messages Without Telling the Sender

It's just become slightly easier to capture an image of the genitals of a sex friend sent through imaging app Snapchat, with new app Snaphack promising to let users take screengrabs of photo messages without informing the sender. Read More >>

Google+ Now Works as a Serious Photo Editor (If You Use Chrome)

Google+ is now rolling out many of the image adjustment tricks included in its Auto Awesome feature as manual tools—if you use the right browser. Read More >>

The Latin Revival Starts With Mars Image Captions

A group of volunteers is attempting to bring the language of Latin back to the masses, by offering translated captions of Nasa's photos of Mars in the wording favoured by historians, posh people and the Pope. Read More >>

HTC One Mini Teased in "Smaller Can be Better" Infographic

HTC's got itself into a bit of twist over a blog post that seemingly confirms its plans to launch a smaller version of the HTC One, publishing, then pulling, then republishing, a blog post that outlines all the advantages small things have over big things. Read More >>

See a Few Photo Samples Taken by the Nokia Lumia 1020

Yesterday's completely spoiled official launch of the Lumia 1020 did indeed focus on the new Windows Phone's insane 41-Megapixel PureView camera system, which Nokia's rightly proud of. And that's a photo taken with it. And here are some more... Read More >>

This is Apparently the Nokia Lumia 1020

Following on from the oodles of leaks and ahead of today's anticipated official launch, press shots of the rumoured Nokia Lumia 1020 have emerged. As you'd expect from a phone going big on camera performance, there's an enormous bulge around the back, plus it comes in trademark Garish Nokia Yellow, should you have the balls to try to pull that off. Read More >>

You Can Now Put Images in Your Facebook Comments

Facebook has been doing a lot of work on its comment system between threaded replies and emoticon support. Now (finally?) you can throw images in there too. Brace yourself; the image macros are coming. Read More >>

New UK Image Copyright Law Legalises Nicking Photos Off the Internet

The UK's Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act has been passed, putting controversial new copyright laws regarding what's known as "orphan works" into place for photos put online. The changes mean that if there's no clear identifying meta data in images, anyone can use and sub-license them and the owners have little recourse to complain. Read More >>

Animated GIF Pandemic Spreads to Google+

The slick, minimalist, glassy pyramids of Google+ are about to be invaded by the common man's low-bitrate humour, thanks to a G+ update that lets users set animated GIFs as their main profile images. Imagine the hilarity. And imagine how much longer it's all going to take to finish loading. Read More >>

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Check Out These 20,000 Art Photos You Can Do Whatever You Want With

The Internet is jam-packed with images for the taking, but thanks to pesky copyrights, you aren't allowed to use most of them. The Los Angeles Community Museum of Art just put a bunch in the pile you can use, twenty thousand, to be exact. Read More >>

GIFs Are Actually Declining in Popularity

It feels like the GIF has had a huge resurgence of recent time. People are making more wonderful animations than ever, GIF was officially the Word of 2012, and in December there was even a GIF Fest in Miami. But it turns out GIF use is actually in decline. Read More >>

Google Images Just Got a Whole Lot More Slick

Google has just announced that it's given Images an overhaul. Placing an emphasis on speed, metadata and slick looks, image previews will now appear in an inline panel to make it easier to browse large previews. Read More >>

Google Denies Senseless Street View Donkey Slaughter

Images captured by Google's Street View car on a dusty road in Botswana appear to show the camera vehicle knocking over a donkey, then driving away. Unconfirmed reports claim the driver was heard laughing about it, too. Read More >>


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