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How IMAX Makes Movies Sound as Big as its Screens

As you can see in the incredibly detailed video above, producing IMAX-quality sound takes much more than just blasting it out of oversized speakers, though the system's multi-thousand watt amplifiers certainly help. Every aspect of the theatre space is controlled to enhance the film's audio, from utilising whisper-quiet air conditioning to actively monitoring the room's acoustics and remotely optimising the various speaker outputs. And through the use of its "Phantom Image" technology, IMAX can create a more well-rounded and realistic 3D soundscape. The amount of engineering that goes into generating IMAX's audio is simply staggering. Read More >>

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Watch This Historic Cinema Transform Into the World's Largest IMAX

Seeing an IMAX movie is impressive sure, but what's even more impressive is watching an IMAX theatre get built. The world's largest no less. It's a feat. Read More >>

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Of Course the IMAX Iron Man 3 Poster Is Bigger, Badder, and More Awesome Than the Rest

IMAX is the ultimate cinema experience. Forget all that 3D rubbish, it's all about one massive screen with oodles of speakers everywhere. So, of course the IMAX poster for Iron Man 3 has to be even more badass than the rest. Read More >>

LG Curved 3D OLED Hands-On: An Imax For Your House

LG just made the first curved 3D OLED screen. I just saw a crazy setup of three 55-inch beauties aligned side-by-side into a perfect cinematic curve. The effect is very dramatic. This could be the whole reason 3D and curved OLED exist. Read More >>

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The BFI's Southbank IMAX Upgrade Is Complete Just In Time For The Dark Knight Rises

The BFI IMAX theatre on London's Southbank has just been upgraded with a new screen and new projector. It's quite the gargantuan task to replace that 26m by 20m screen, which the BFI's kindly documented in photos for us all to gawk at. Read More >>

The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Tickets Are Now on Sale

The Avengers has been and gone; Prometheus is done and dusted -- next up is the Dark Knight Rises. IMAX tickets are now on sale, so if you're interested in seeing it, now's the time to bust out your credit card. Read More >>

Replacing the World's Biggest IMAX Screen Is as Difficult as It Sounds

At almost 30m tall and 36m wide, the screen at the Darling Harbour IMAX Theater in Sydney is the largest in the world. And after 16 years of service, it needed to be replaced. Read More >>


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