This Beautiful IMDb Redesign Concept is Long Overdue

IMDb is one of the most useful sites on the web. But it's also one of the most outmoded. Now, two web designers have taken it upon themselves what an IMDb for 2014 would look like—and the results are pretty great. Here's how they explain their design. Read More >>

517 Movies I Could Have Watched Instead of Waiting on Hold With PayPal

During my lunch break yesterday, I decided to do a little multitasking and give the kind folks at PayPal a call regarding an ongoing issue I was having with my account. I figured, stupidly, that a company as big as PayPal would have more than three people working the whole of their customer service wing. As the call disconnected two hours and 15 minutes of hold time later—likely because even the automated system got bored talking to me—I realised how very wrong I was. Here's a quick recap. Read More >>

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Watch IMDB's Top 250 Movies in 2 1/2 Minutes

If you can name all the movies in this quick hitting list (there is actually 303 movies in all) in order, you deserve free popcorn or something. Jonathan Keogh stitched this video together and it combines the top movies in IMDB’s venerable top 250 list. How many have you watched? Read More >>

"Unoriginal Bastard" Tolkien Rips Off Harry Potter... Again!

Ever noticed the similarities between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter? IMDb commenter brian__007 did and came to a startling realisation. Tolkien totally ripped off Rowling and not only that, the "bastard's" at it again with The Hobbit, his latest "original" work. Read More >>

IMDb Trivia App Puts Your Movie Loving Knowledge to the Test

IMDb just released a new trivia app for the iPhone that's sure to be a great time spender/waster for any TV and movie buff. There are hundreds of fun little questions that'll work the part of the brain you fried from watching all those movies and shows. Read More >>


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