Inside Budapest's Forgotten Temple of Sewage

Here at Gizmodo, we're obsessed with beautiful old factories, captivating control rooms and fascinating scientific machinery. A few weeks ago, I showed you the 99-year-old Kelenföld Power Plant, one of most beautiful industrial places on earth. This time, I'd like to show you another industrial pearl—in a rather hideous place. Read More >>

The Future of Urbanisation Looks Mesmerisingly Bleak

As more and more ozone-depleting humans start crowding together, we're going to eventually stain the entire world with concrete streets and flickering street lights. Mountains are going to glow like man-made volcanoes, rivers are going to become brown sludge and new urban cities will be carved into whatever is left of nature. This digitally created art piece by Yang Yongliang shows what that bleak future will look like. It's mesmerising. Read More >>

The Timing Chain Clock Makes Me Want to Live in a Factory

For those obsessed with all things industrial, the Timing Chain clock is a piece made for you. Just look at it, the thing looks like it was plucked from an Upton Sinclair-era factory machine and adorned with time markers. Read More >>


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