Gears of War Developer Made a Better Return from iOS Game Infinity Blade

We're constantly hearing about the imminent death of the home console business from those who think mobile gaming's destined to obliterate it at some point between now and the end of mankind, now we have some data to back that up. Read More >>

A £10 Flat-Screen Wall-Mount Is Your "Crumbs, I Hope It Stays Up" Deal of the Day

Okay, so you’ve spent a few hundred quid on a new flash-bang crash-bang state of the art TV, with ALL the necessary bells and whistles incorporated into it. If you’re a weirdo, it might even have 3D. But you want to hang it on your wall. Now what? Read More >>

gaming app of the day
Infinity Blade II for iPhone and iPad: Return of the God King(s)

There's box-office, and then there's BOX-OFFICE. The original Infinity Blade is something of a benchmark for the graphical capabilities of the iOS platform, its signature bouts of duelling rendered with a blend of epic fantasy and lyrical beauty. One year and countless plaudits later, no-one is surprised to see the release of a sequel. Is Infinity Blade II going to be a bland retread, or will it improve on the original? Read More >>

gaming app of the day
The Dark Meadow for iPad and iPhone: Extremely Monstrous and Incredibly Beautiful

With every week that passes, a new iOS game is released that's even more visually impressive than the last. Previously, Shadowgun held the crown for a scant seven days, bowling us over with console-quality graphics and gameplay. Now that accolade has been cruelly wrested - nay, snatched, along with a desultory poke in the eye - by atmospheric chiller The Dark Meadow. It blends together elements of first-person combat, role-playing and exploration, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Read More >>


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