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Infinity Blade II for iPhone and iPad: Return of the God King(s)

By Bulent Yusuf on at

There's box-office, and then there's BOX-OFFICE. The original Infinity Blade is something of a benchmark for the graphical capabilities of the iOS platform, its signature bouts of duelling rendered with a blend of epic fantasy and lyrical beauty. One year and countless plaudits later, no-one is surprised to see the release of a sequel. Is Infinity Blade II going to be a bland retread, or will it improve on the original?

The Dark Meadow for iPad and iPhone: Extremely Monstrous and Incredibly Beautiful

By Bulent Yusuf on at

With every week that passes, a new iOS game is released that's even more visually impressive than the last. Previously, Shadowgun held the crown for a scant seven days, bowling us over with console-quality graphics and gameplay. Now that accolade has been cruelly wrested - nay, snatched, along with a desultory poke in the eye - by atmospheric chiller The Dark Meadow. It blends together elements of first-person combat, role-playing and exploration, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.