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10 Steps to Getting Away With Committing Murder

This is weird. One of those pages that use horrible graphical lists to get traffic and Google juice posted an image called 10 ways to cover up a murder. It's disturbingly interesting—especially if you're a psychopath looking to commit a murder. Read More >>

The World's Biggest Tea Drinkers, Visualised

In news that may make you spit your Earl Grey over the screen: The UK does not top the list of worldwide tea-drinkers. That accolade falls to the Turkish, and the UK comes in at third after after the Ireland in second, as shown by this infographic. Read More >>

Gorgeous Infographics Show What Made The Beatles Great

Graphic design firm Designbysoap Ltd. is marking the anniversary of the Beatles storming their way over to the US with a Kickstarter collection of gorgeous infographics delving into every detail of The Beatles' first album, Please Please Me. Read More >>

Google Charts the History of Popular Music as We Listen to it Today

Google's research department just released a fun interactive visualisation called Music Timeline, which attempts to chart the rise and fall of different musical genres in terms of their relative popularity. Watch rock, pop, alternative, and hip hop each rise to the top. Read More >>

Which Superfoods Aren't Actually Super At All?

It's way more fun to finish off a big bar of dark chocolate when you can convince yourself it's good for you. Because c'mon, science says so… in all those random studies you've seen floating around the internet… right? Well, surprise surprise, it turns out there are a load of false facts out there regarding the health benefits of your favourite treats. Read More >>

More Than Half of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

People attribute a lot of annoying internet stuff to bots. Twitterbot followers, bots that sneak past spam filters, bots that send weird gibberish on messaging services. It sounds kind of tired, but maybe the situation is exactly as bad as everyone thinks. Read More >>

A Quick and Complete History of Bitcoin So You're Not Totally Lost

Big news stories usually unfold over months or years, and tackling them can take almost constant media coverage. But all of that distilled information can start to feel overwhelming in itself, and that's where the infographic recap comes in really handy. Read More >>

Wow, Kids Sure do Want Some Expensive Crap For Christmas Gifts

Philadelphia-based Abby Ryan Design came up with this fun infographic of the most popular toys from 50 years of holiday shopping. If you were a child during any of that time, you'll doubtless recognise something. Then you'll scratch your head in bafflement at how damned expensive today's most-requested gifts are. Read More >>

The 233 Year History of the Bicycle In One Handy Chart

For those who live and breathe by two wheeled transportation, bicycles are more than just a way to get from here to there. The immediate, wind on your face freedom of pedalling fast is a feeling that just can’t be matched by wandering around, road-tripping, or pretty much any kind of public transport.
For their latest foray into in depth visual breakdowns, data viz wizards at PopChartLab have turned their attention to the design evolution of cycles dating back a whopping 233 years. Organized chronologically from top to bottom and colour coded by style of ride, the graphic gives a neat glimpse at how the styles have changed through the years. In spite of my avowed allegiance to my dear beloved road bike, there’s a bunch on there I wouldn’t mind testing out around town. Also, question: Has anyone out there ever tried a penny farthing? Read More >>

Instantly Sound Like You Know What You're Talking About With Wine

If you're not a regular wine-drinker, or even if you are but aren't a connoisseur past the £5 section of your local Tescos, then knowing what all the different types of wine, glass and colouring are is difficult. In fact, it's hard to sound like anything other than an idiot when it comes to the ancient booze. Until, that is, you've checked out this instant beginner's guide. Read More >>

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50 Things a Geek Should Know

To be considered a true geek in today's geek-friendly world, you can't just be smart. You have to dedicate yourself to the right movies and TV shows. You have to be curious about all kinds of computer and technology. You need to know which video games to play, which superhero to root for, which quotes actually matter. But probably most important of all, you need to know how to Internet. Read More >>

Here's What Everything Is Made Of. Everything!

We've all heard that we're made of the same stuff as stars, so it probably doesn't seem as mind blowing as it used to. But it really is amazing. Science! This infographic from Visually shades the periodic table to show which elements are presents in the ocean, a person, the atmosphere, and more. Read More >>

What the Proper Phone Etiquette Is Around the World

My brain tickles itself when something brand new gets invented. Something like a smartphone, and how different habits and customs form in each culture around that new smartphone. A brand new form of etiquette specific to each country is then created all over the world. Perhaps, in some countries, they call more than they text. Maybe in others WhatsApp trumps SMS. Maybe it's e-mail. Maybe in some hellish place, phones are used openly in cinemas. Read More >>

Get a Sense of How Dire Shark Finning Is From This Visual Represenation

One thing infographics are really good for is providing a sense of scale. Certain numbers are just too big to really comprehend, and can also be made to sound bigger or smaller than they actually are depending on how they're presented. Read More >>

NASA's Spaceship Factory Is Unfathomably Huge

- The VAB has the volume of three and a half Empire State Buildings
- Put another way, it would take 250 billion ping pong balls to fill the VAB.
- The VAB has the largest doors in the world — 139m high. When they're wide open, they take 45 minutes to close.
- The American Flag painted on the front of the VAB is 64m high. The blue field is the size of an basketball court with stars six feet across.
- As for the VAB's output, that includes 13 Saturn V rockets (used in Apollo and Skylab missions) and Space Shuttles that flew 135 missions. Read More >>

All the Failed Predictions of When the World Will End

It's almost become not crazy to predict when the world will end because so many crazy people do it all the freaking time. But look, we're all still here. Nothing has ended. The world is still here. To keep track of all the crazies, information design agency Accurat created a graphic to show just who has been predicting the end of the world. Read More >>


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