How to Lie With Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is one of the most important tools we have to analyse data. But it's just as easy to mislead as it is to educate using charts and graphs. In this article we'll take a look at three of the most common ways in which visualisations can be misleading. Read More >>

Which Superhero Had the Coolest Secret Headquarters?

Being a superhero is the best job in the world. Not only do you save the world and receive the world's adulation, you're also somehow rich enough (even though you're above the idea of money) to have a sick secret headquarters that every kid dreams about. And though your hero headquarters are typically less extravagant than your villain's lair, they're still prime real estate. Here is a list showing you which hero had the best headquarters. Read More >>

A Step by Step Walkthrough of the World's First Great Infographic

Charles Joseph Minard's famous visual telling of Napoleon's 1812 invasion of Russia is one of the first great examples of an infographic, if a little intimidating at a glance. And this explanation by the folks at Numberphile really helps bring it home. Read More >>

Let's all Cool it With These Stupid Maps

Maps are great. Maps help us get where we need to go and can sometimes teach us things about the world we live in. But unfortunately, the internet has been infected by a scourge of stupid maps. And stupid maps are making us dumber. Read More >>

This is What All the Gold in the World Looks Like – and it Doesn't Look Like Much

Below is a 3D visualisation of the top government gold reserves stacked in 400-ounce (11.3kg) Gold bars, according to Demonocracy—a ranking headed by the United States, Germany and the International Monetary Fund. Read More >>

The World's Biggest Global Warming Offenders, Visualised

New calculations show that the US, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Germany and the UK were responsible for more than 60 per cent of global warming between 1906 and 2005. Here, those numbers are visualised so it's plain for all to see. Read More >>

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14 Data Visualisations that Take The Form Of Trees

Infographics might seem like a modern phenomenon—citizens of the internet love nothing more than a nice and tidy presentation of catchy stats—but data visuals date way, way back. In The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge, interaction designer Manuel Lima examines a recurring theme: more than eight centuries' worth of trees used as diagrams, and why botanical iconography has endured from those early days through to the digital revolution. Read More >>

More Than Half of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

People attribute a lot of annoying internet stuff to bots. Twitterbot followers, bots that sneak past spam filters, bots that send weird gibberish on messaging services. It sounds kind of tired, but maybe the situation is exactly as bad as everyone thinks. Read More >>

Don't Accidentally Buy Knockoff Prescription Drugs in Sales

Items directly related to life and death should not go on sale. Sure, the price of any product can be affected by market conditions, but you just don't want to be buying bungee jumping cords half off. You just don't. Read More >>

Here's Why It's So Hard to Find Good Movies

You know when you get in those funks where you feel like every movie is the same, or pointless, or badly written? You might just be watching a tonne of junk on Netflix, but before you judge too harshly you should look at the pile of crap that readers have to whittle down to find good scripts. Read More >>

This Infographic Shows that a Story Can Hit Big Without the Internet

Remember books? You know, the most distributed content delivery technology ever? Folios may be on their way out, and internet content may reach more people than ever, but it's pretty amazing to look at how widely our favorite narratives have been distributed. Read More >>

The Only Population Map You Need to Understand the World

Which countries are emerging superpowers? Which countries are in decline? This excellent infographic of population change, country by country, explains pretty much everything you need to know about what's going to happen geopolitically in the next few decades. Read More >>

This (Slightly Morbid) Interactive Chart Maps British Deaths in the 21st Century

Brits in the 21st century are most likely to die from circulatory diseases. FACT. That's the finding of the latest Guardian Data Blog, which tracks all registered deaths between 2001 and 2012 across England and Wales. Read More >>

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The US Has A Tonne of Bizarre Regional Laws

Every now and then there's a writeup of some weird laws from around the world, and it's always interesting to see what random stuff merited legislation at one time or another. The US is no different. Read More >>

Which Governments Prioritise Privacy, and Which Lay On the Spying?

Privacy is on everyones' minds in the U.S. since revelations about the NSA exploded. You can't talk on the phone about some casual pot smoking anymore without your friend making the, "Hi NSA!" joke. And apparently for good reason. Read More >>

8 Horrible Data Visualisations That Make No Sense

Data visualisation can be a great way to drive numbers home and give them a visual weight mere statistics don't have. At least, that's what happens when they make sense. Sometimes visualisations are downright dumb and just make things worse. Like these, for instance. Read More >>


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