Microsoft Released 1,558 Pieces of "Content" to Authorities in 2012

Microsoft has updated the world on its interactions with the security forces of the world, revealing that it received 75,378 separate requests for information from police and local security services around the world during 2012. Read More >>

Study: The Expert Editors of Wikipedia Make it Harder to Read

Despite carrying user-generated content, Wikipedia has often been criticised for being tough to edit - even by its co-founder Jimmy Wales. But researchers have found another way in which the Web 2.0 wonder might leave people gnashing their teeth: it's much harder to read than that old favourite of doorstep salesmen, Encyclopedia Britannica. Read More >>

Wikipedia Is Running Out of Editors and Admins

Wikipedia is a wonderful resource, the kind of website that makes you marvel at what the internet can achieve. But it's only as good as its contributors and, while some are extremely committed, the sad truth is that the project is running out of editors and new admins. Read More >>

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The World's Ideas, Visualised

Visualising how the world's ideas fit together is no mean feat. But now you don't have to struggle, because Brendan Griffen has mined Wikipedia to create a map of how the world's greatest thinkers influenced each other. Read More >>

Scientists Create Wi-Fi That Can Transmit Seven Blu-Ray Movies Per Second

If you think your home Wi-Fi connection is fast, think again. Scientists have been working on a new way to transmit data wirelessly, and they can now transfer a scorching 2.5 terabits of information per second. Read More >>


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