apple vs samsung
Apple Has Been Denied a Permanent Sales Ban on the Samsung Phones and Tablets That Infringed on Apple's Patents

Though Apple won a fresh billion dollars in the US patent infringement case that saw Samsung basically lose everything, Apple won't be able to kill Samsung products dead. Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge that presided over Apple v. Samsung, has denied Apple a permanent injunction against Samsung. Samsung can still sell the products that infringed on Apple's patents. Read More >>

Apple Loses the First Round of Its Motorola Injunction Battle

Apple’s suing Motorola and attempting to stop it selling certain handsets in the US. But it’s not exactly going to plan for Cupertino, as a judge has made an initial determination that Motorola’s not actually in the wrong, and doesn’t infringe on Apple’s patents. Read More >>

Motorola Wins Europe-Wide Sales Ban Against iOS Devices

Apple just found itself on the receiving-end of some legal hurt. Motorola has successfully sued Apple in Germany, paving the way for a Europe-wise sales ban on basically all iOS devices. Better get those Apple stocking stuffers, like, nowish. Read More >>

Porn Bigwigs Sue For Injunction Over .XXX Domain Monopolistic Price Fixing and Restrictive Policies

Looks like the porn industry isn't all that happy with its new .XXX domains. Two of the largest companies behind such delights as YouPorn and, have clubbed together to sue for an injunction against ICANN over the .XXX domain. Read More >>


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