MIDI Software That Turns Your Vocals Into Instrumentation

MIDI—the Musical Instrument Digital Interface—lets anyone with just an electronic keyboard, or other simple interface device, recreate an entire orchestra's worth of sounds. But what if you can't even play a keyboard? That's where a new piece of software called imitonecan save the day, turning your voice (or other sounds) into an all-out symphony. Read More >>

A Twelve-Track Sequencer That Plays Analogue Music Boxes

It's hard to get excited over something as antiquated as a music box when the when the phone in your pocket can play back a symphony. But there's still something oddly appealing about this twelve-track sequencer that skips the digital samples for a row of random music boxes. Read More >>

This DIY Device Turns Your Table Into a Psychedelic Music Maker

It's not so simple to become an electronic musician. The equipment is expensive. There's not a good how-to book. It's sometimes a little unclear what exactly electronic music is. That's why the Contact musical interface is so intriguing. Read More >>

These 10,000-Year-Old Instruments are Playing Their First Modern Gig

Roughly ten millennia ago, musicians didn't lug amps or guitars around to their shows—they lugged lithophones, or instruments made of resonant rocks. The oldest lithophones ever found will be played in their first public concert next week in Paris. Sadly, it'll also be their last. Read More >>

If Stonehenge is Actually a Giant Instrument, What Does it Sound Like?

We know that the rocks of Stonehenge were carried there from over 200 miles away, but we've never known why. Now, researchers say they believe it was for the special sonic qualities of a particular kind of stone—and that Stonehenge might have served as a bell-like instrument. Read More >>

This Bionic Drummer Arm is Like Def Leppard 2.0

Like Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen who lost his arm in an accident but kept on performing, aspiring drummer Jason Barnes didn't let losing his right arm two years ago deter him from realising his dream. He built a crude prosthetic using springs that allowed him to keep on drumming, but after enrolling at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, he met an engineering professor who realised he could build Barnes something better. Read More >>

8 Otherworldly Songs Performed on Instruments Made of Ice

We're smack-dab in the middle of winter and baby, it's cold outside (or so I've heard; I live over in LOL). I imagine that it might be tough to find the beauty in yet another day of icy temperatures, but for some enterprising creative types, bone-chilling frost is more than a major nuisance—it's the stuff that musical dreams are made of. Read More >>

This 8-Bit Harmonica Makes Blowing Into NES Carts Musical

Even if the original Nintendo Entertainment System was well before your time, you're probably still aware of a well-known issue that prevented games from working until you blew into the cartridges to clean off the contacts. Taking that idea one step further, YouTuber Basami Sentaku has turned a few old NES (or Famicom, to be exact) cartridges into electronic harmonicas that instead produce chiptune-like music when you blow into them. Read More >>

New Theory Says Stonehenge May Have Been Massive Musical Instrument

Stonehenge may have been built as an enormous old amplifier, with new research suggesting our Stone Age descendants might have hauled the rocks hundreds of miles simply because they make pleasant sounds when hit with massive hammers. Read More >>

How One Man Is Turning the Eiffel Tower into a Song

If you want to make music, you've got a plenty of different instruments to choose from. But if you want to make really unique (or weird) music, you've got to find something off the beaten path. That's why Joseph Bertolozzi chose the Eiffel Tower. Read More >>

How a Trumpet Works, Explained In One Animated GIF

Compared to electric gadgetry, something like a trumpet is a pretty simple contraption, but the way it actually works is super clever when you see it in action. The principle is very straight-forward, but the construction of the actual pieces that re-route your hot air are damn cool to see at work. Read More >>

This Trumpet Blasts Solos Made of Glass

A glassblower's weapon of choice has been a simple blowpipe over 2,000 years now. It's a tried and true device. But that doesn't mean there's no room to jazz it up a little, and that's exactly what "Strange Symphony" does. Read More >>

MusikMesse 2013: The Latest Music Tech Revealed

Spring means Musikmesse time to audio lovers who flock to Germany at this time every year for a festival of product launches. Here's a roundup of the best new music hardware to catch our ears at this year's Musikmesse event. Read More >>

Let Your iPhone Toot Its Own Horn With These Custom Brass Amplifiers

There are plenty of speaker solutions out there for turning your iOS device something of a future-boombox, but none are quite as awesomely old-school as using re-purposed brass instruments. Read More >>

This Yamaha Guitar is Your "I Can Do Music, Me" Deal of the Day

It's the Brits tomorrow night, and we're sure that you're like us in wishing that you could be up there on the stage, picking up an award and worrying slightly that James Corden might stand a little bit too close to you. Read More >>

If Batman Played in The Human League, This Would Be His Instrument of Choice

I reckon that deep down inside, the Caped Crusader has a soft spot for crappy progressive 80s synth music. But how's a superhero meant to get his musical groove on whilst out and about kicking arse? With this deeply menacing machine, of course. Read More >>


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