Unlucky Family Lose Car in Bizarre Buckinghamshire Sinkhole

A 30ft sinkhole randomly opened up overnight outside a house in Buckinghamshire, right beneath where a local lady had parked her car. The evil hole swallowed her Volkswagen Lupo perfectly, leaving nothing up top bar the four-metre opening of doom. Read More >>

Nearly 16,000 Mobiles Were Left on London's Trains in 2013

Stats released by security specialist McAfee claim 15,833 mobile phones have been found on London's trains so far in 2013 and handed in to staff. And if 15,833 mobile phones have been handed in, imagine how many more have been lost but not handed in. Read More >>

Why I'd Never Buy a Refurbished Phone, Despite Working In a Repair Centre

Let's start by NOT taking my lead from Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning; the private sector doesn't reward whistle-blowing any more than the public sector does. For the purposes of this article I'll have to remain anonymous, so you'll just have to imagine Morgan Freeman's voice coming out of Alan Partridge's mouth, or something. Read More >>

These Dumb Insurance Claims For Lost Phones are Hilarious

We've all misplaced our phone and spent what seems like hours searching for it — but some people take losing handsets to a whole new level. Chances are, you've never lost a phone as impressively as the people that feature in these stories. Read More >>

Phones 4U's Insurance Providers Got Whacked With a Massive Fine for Selling Dodgy Insurance

The insurance provider for popular high-street phone seller (and breeding ground for second-hand car salespeople) Phones 4U has been hit with a hefty fine for its dodgy insurance products, after it was revealed its complaints resolution procedure for claims basically involved shredding the angry emails and patronising people down the phone. Read More >>

When You Should (and Shouldn't) Buy AppleCare

If you're making an investment in an Apple product, whether it's a new machine or a permanently on-sale refurb, you want to protect it. At the same time, spending a few hundred more on AppleCare hurts when you're already dropping a couple of grand on a computer. You get a year of AppleCare as part of any purchase — but do you need to pay for more time under Apple's guaranteed protection? The truth is, it depends on what you're buying to begin with. Read More >>

Best Way to Insure That Shiny New Smartphone

If you've been a good little boy or girl, it's a fair bet Santa might've pulled something vaguely smartphone-shaped out of his bulging sack for you this Christmas. If you're a clumsy little fellow though, (or live in horrible, wet, rainy England), you're probably going to want to insure your shiny new toy. Here are your best options. Read More >>

These Ridiculous Mobile Phone Insurance Claims Are Hilarious

Deciding on whether to take out mobile phone insurance is a tricky issue: it costs a heap, but it could save a stack of cash when you drop your smartphone onto bare concrete. Chances are, though, if you do ever make a claim, it will never be as ridiculous as any of these. Read More >>

Would You Fit a Crash-Recording Camera In Your Car to Cut Your Insurance?

Car insurance is expensive no matter what age you are, but for those under 25 it's just horrendous. Now insurers in Britain are starting to offer up to a 15 per cent discount for young drivers, if you mount a crash-cam in your car. Read More >>

Safe Driver? Prove it and Pay Less for Insurance

The AA is planning to launch a satnav-enabled car insurance policy, which would give drivers some small way to help reduce their spiralling premiums by "proving" they're safe on the roads. Read More >>

My Sh*T Got Stolen. Or Why You Need Contents Insurance

I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang. It was my wife, "We've been robbed." Someone had broken into our garage and taken our bikes. We're not avid bikers. We didn't have bikes that cost more than my first car. Still, the combined loss was about $800. Read More >>


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