The Right to Record Movies From TV Came 30 Years Ago Yesterday

Today, DRM fears inspire a lot of jokes that reference George Orwell's 1984. But it was in that titular year, three decades ago today, that the US Supreme Court reached a decision that defined and protected the right to record copyrighted material: Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc., or the Betamax case. Read More >>

Google vs. the Pirates: MPs Lay the Smackdown, But is it Google's Problem?

Search giant Google has once again found itself at the centre of a row over what UK MPs perceive as the company's softly-softly approach to web pirates. But is the ongoing war on piracy really Google's problem? There's a bit of buck-passing going on here I think, with the real problems being overlooked... Read More >>

Watch Out Pirates, UK Chucking £2.5m at New Anti-Piracy Police Squad

The government is backing a new piracy crime division to the tune of £2.5m, with the rather oppressive-sounding Intellectual Property Crime Unit set to become fully operational by September. Read More >>

Amazon Has a Patent to Sell Used Ebooks

The problem with most ebooks is you can't exactly give them with a friends or pass them onto your children when you're done. But Amazon might actually address that with a new patent to sell used ebooks. Read More >>

Apple's New Patent Adjusts an iPad's Display Size Based on How Far Away You Are

If you like to hold your iPad right up by next to your eyeballs because you are basically blind, you might someday have some relief. Apple has a new patent that changes the size of the display based on the distance of your face from the screen. Read More >>

You Might Unlock Google Glasses With a Simple Eye-Roll

Google has earned a patent for screen unlock that uses eye-tracking information, meaning when you finally get your hands on a pair of its augmented reality specs, you could access them with an eye roll. Just don't let your mom see you do that because she will be PISSED. Read More >>

Apple Just Got a Patent for a Dimension that Doesn't Even Exist Yet

Apple has just been granted a patent for 5D technology. Wait, what the hell? Has it traveled to the future and come back with something we don't know about yet? What advanced life forms are the suits in Cupertino communicating with? Read More >>

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Everything That's Wrong With Patent and Copyright Laws in One Brilliant Video

Patent trolls are the worst. Oh wait, no, out-of-control copyright crusaders, they're the worst. In fact, the whole intellectual property system needs a total overhaul. But why? How did it come to this? Kirby Ferguson's sublime Everything Is a Remix series comes to a conclusion with this really smart explanation of how the spirit of IP laws have been totally perverted by modern corporate culture. Read More >>


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