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Xbox One's UI Demonstrated and it's Windows Tiling All the Way

This week's Gamescom gaming event is giving us lots more info on the software we'll be playing with on the new hardware that's arriving later this year, with Microsoft giving show visitors a complete look at its reworked Xbox dashboard and the new features it's sliding in. Read More >>

Facebook Suggests You "Turn off" Home if You've Had Enough and Want a Normal Phone

Facebook's reassuring its users that they're not stuck with using its Facebook Home interface forever, telling social fans it's easy to turn it all off. Which surely goes against the entire point of the thing? Read More >>

HTC: Android Users are Pretty Lazy and Don't Bother Fiddling With Things

In a blog post describing some of the thinking behind the BlinkFeed combo widget that comes as part of its updated HTC Sense skin, HTC made some weird claims about Android users and their supposed lack of interest in actually using the features offered by their smartphones. Read More >>

Get Your First Long, High-Res Stare at Sony's PS4 Interface

Some clean and clear still shots of Sony's PS4 user interface have appeared online, giving gamers their first chance to imagine sitting in front of it for 16 hours a day. It's blue, it's boxy, it's pretty enough. Read More >>

Microsoft Can Detect Your Gestures Using Just Your Computer's Audio

Kinect has drawn a huge amount of interest, not just from gamers but computer scientists, engineers and artists. Now, it seems Microsoft is branching out, because one of its latest research projects offers gesture control powered by just a computer's speakers, microphone, and some inaudible sound. Read More >>

Microsoft's Crazy New Interface Designs Could Actually Be Useful

I'm a bit of a sucker for concept interface designs: I love how they show off the massive capabilities of new technology without any obvious current practical use. But these new offerings from Microsoft could actually be useful. Read More >>


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