What The Most Popular Web Browser Is From Each Country in the World

The green is Chrome. The blue is Internet Explorer. The orange-ish colour is Firefox. If you can see any red or grey that would be Opera and Safari, respectively. And though I personally believe all browsers have become horrible in their own ways, having Chrome at the top of most country's usage list according to Statcounter is certainly a lot better than the alternatives ruling the world. Good job world. Enjoy the suffering southern tip of Africa and all of China and Greenland. Read More >>

Microsoft's Cash4Hacks Bounty Hunt Wants Your Windows 8.1 Exploits in Return For Money

Microsoft has launched a three-pronged attack on Windows bugs, offering users and hackers the chance to win big cash money if they can spot -- or develop -- a way to hack its latest desktop OS or Internet Explorer 11. Read More >>

Engineer "Mistake" Costs Microsoft Massive £480m EU Browser Monopoly Fine

EU competition police have handed Microsoft an enormous £480m fine, after the software giant admitted that a "technical error" saw new Windows machines arriving without the option to choose a default web browser. Read More >>

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 Is Finally Available for Download

Windows 7 users are finally getting Internet Explorer 10. They'll be auto-upgraded in a few weeks, but you can go ahead and download the updated browser starting today. Read More >>

Microsoft Ironically Remembers the 1990s in New Internet Explorer Advert

Microsoft's latest Internet Explorer advert offers us a baffling retrospective of the 1990s, pretending it was a time when IE ruled the world alongside 56k modems, Tamagotchis and floppy discs. Read More >>

Internet Explorer Says the Mayans Were Right Because IE10 Is Actually Good Now

In another excellent ad for Internet Explorer 10, IE pokes fun of itself saying that the sign of apocalypse is here because Internet Explorer 10 is actually good now. This follows up its hilarious video ad which showed Internet trolls saying IE10 sucked... less. What a hot streak of hilarious self deprecating humor! Read More >>

Ads in Internet Explorer Could Be Tracking Your Mouse

If you still use Internet Explorer, there's more to worry about than a crappy browsing experience. Microsoft has confirmed that it's looking in to a "mouse tracking" flaw, which affects IE 6 through 10. Read More >>

Microsoft Looks Deep in the Heart of Internet Explorer Trolls

You may not have noticed—why would you have?—but Internet Explorer has actually gotten markedly better! Better enough, anyway, to possibly soften to hardest-hearted internet troublemaker. Read More >>

Microsoft Shares the Internet Explorer 10 Love With Windows 7

After the launch of Windows 8 (previously the only place you could get some IE10-flavoured 'goodness') Microsoft's decided to spread the love to its Windows 7 brood. It's not an official launch just yet; still just a preview, but even Microsoft promises that it'll still "take other browsers to school". Oooh, Chrome, sounds like a challenge to me. [Microsoft] Read More >>

Microsoft's Officially Getting a Spanking From the EC (Again)

Looks like Microsoft's got some pain coming its way from the EC again. The European Commission has officially given notice that Microsoft broke antitrust laws, by not fully complying with its browser choice commitments in Windows 7. It's going to get a fine for sure, but how much? I suspect it'll be pretty hefty, this time round. Read More >>

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update: Oh Hey Internet Explorer for Your TV

Pretty soon, Microsoft will officially release a new software update to all Xbox 360 users that will include a big blue icon with an 'e' stamped on it. Yep, the Xbox 360 is finally getting Internet Explorer, a real browser for your TV. Read More >>

A Hilariously Honest Version of That Really Cool Microsoft Internet Explorer Commercial

Microsoft has done a bang up job with Internet Explorer and has a fancy, heart-pumping, dare-I-say-cool commercial to go along with it. Seriously, watch it. But you know what? It's hard to stop poking fun of IE because of its horrid reputation. This video by College Humor is the honest version of that super cool commercial. It's hilarious Read More >>

Xbox 360 Isn't an Unstoppable Porn Hub, Says Microsoft

One big provider of internet porn took the imminent arrival of Internet Explorer on Microsoft's Xbox 360 to issue a press release, claiming the console was about to become every child's favourite way of getting their favourite niche of porn beamed into their living rooms. Read More >>

Skip Some Work and Play Some Classic HTML5-Powered Atari Games In Your Browser

As if you didn't need any more distractions from work with the likes of Twitter and Facebook gleaming onto office monitors around the world, you can now waste a good chunk of time playing some visually-updated classics like Asteroids, Centipede or even Pong from the comfort of your browser in the Atari Arcade. Read More >>

How Internet Explorer Shaped the Internet

Long before Internet Explorer became the browser everyone loves to hate, it was the driving force of innovation on the Internet. Sometimes it's hard to remember all of the good that Internet Explorer did before Internet Explorer 6 became the scourge of web developers everywhere. Believe it or not, Internet Explorer 4-6 is heavily responsible for web development as we know it today. A number of proprietary features became de facto standards and then official standards with some ending up in the HTML5 specification. Read More >>

Get Internet Explorer for Xbox Before Anyone Else Does

Major Nelson announced that Microsoft is accepting beta testers for the next version of Xbox Live, which includes new features like Internet Explorer for Xbox, better search and discovery, an updated dashboard and more. If you're interested and of course you are (new features yay!) you can sign up right here. [Major Nelson] Read More >>


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