Boris Flunks IQ Test Questions in Live Radio Interview

Boris Johnson found himself flailing and blabbering more than usual yesterday, when a radio host asked him IQ test questions mid-interview. He got the first two wrong, then stopped playing ball when the third teaser was put to him. Read More >>

Too Much Box and Not Enough Sex Inside Channel 4's Depressing Sex Box

Channel 4's Sex Box promised an entertaining night of live-sex chat with lovely Mariella Frostrup in charge of things, but in the end viewers were confused by the lack of sex, the box, and the... point of it all. Read More >>

Critic to Interview Couples After Bonking in Plastic "Sex Box" on TV

Presenter and critic Mariella Frostrup is gearing up for one of the oddest jobs on TV, thanks to Channel 4 signing her up to interview couples literally seconds after they've finished having sex for a television show. Read More >>

Apple Only Started iOS 7 Work Last Nov, Plus Other Startling Quotes From a Rare Jony Ive Interview

Apple's design boss (Sir) Jony Ive has been let off the leash to help promote iOS 7 and the refreshed iPhone range, giving a super-rare long-form interview to USA Today. He speaks. He answers questions. He even laughs a bit, but that might just be the coffee. Read More >>

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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Succumb to Your Brutal Star Trek Into Darkness Questioning

Star Trek Into Darkness finally hits our cinemas today, and while legions of fans have already snapped up their tickets, Cumberbatch is in full-on PR mode. Snagged by none-other than Google, watch the Into Darkness baddie squirm under the pressure of a Google+ barrage. Read More >>

BBC Forcing Poor Old Sir David Attenborough to go on Twitter

After proudly serving the nation for 1,000 years and informing us about the sex lives of beetles, whales, elephants and butterflies, Sir David Attenborough is about to face humiliation at the hands of the BBC -- it's making him sit down and go on Twitter. For a whole hour. Read More >>

RIM Gives Us a Master Class on How Not to Answer a Question

We're used to politicians talking a heck of a lot, but not actually saying anything of substance at all, and definitely not answering the damn question. But RIM's EU MD, Stephen Bates, has just put them all to shame. Here's how to stick to a pre-written PR script no matter what the hell happens. Or in other words, how not to do an interview. Just listen to this cringe-fest. Read More >>

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John McAfee: "The More Ugly the Woman, the Better the Sex"

Back from Belize, crazy-man extraordinaire John McAfee has settled down in Portland for the time being. And, of course, he's still giving some characteristically insane interviews. Before he's asserted that if he's going to do drugs, they're going to be good ones. Now, in an interview with Willamette Week, he's extolling the virtues of sex with "ugly women." In a conversation about money, no less. Read More >>


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