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Report: Google Maps for iOS Is Imminent

We'd already heard before that in the wake of the Apple Maps iOS 6 fiasco, Google was plotting its own app for iOS to launch before the end of the year. The Wall Street Journal reports that the app is in the polishing stages, and that it will soon be submitted for approval to Apple. Read More >>

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Apple Is Starting to Fix Its Own Apocalyptic 3D Maps Mess

Among the first things people noticed about Apple's new lackluster maps was that the 3D mode was not quite, um, true to life. Now Apple's started to roll out fixes for some of the locations it flattened like a water-damaged waffle iron. Read More >>

google maps
Your iPhone Gets Google Maps Street View Back Tomorrow

Google Maps isn't really gone from iPhones in iOS 6. You can still get it through the vastly inferior mobile version of its browser-based web app. Tim Cook even suggested you try it if you're dissatisfied with Apple Maps. In a recent video about Google Maps, Señor Walt Mossberg notes that the company will be adding Street View to this mobile version of the app starting tomorrow. Read More >>

apple maps
Apple Stops Calling Its Maps "The Most Powerful"

Following Apple CEO Tim Cook's candid admission that Apple Maps might not be so great, and his suggestion that users turn to competing services, Apple has cleaned up one final detail: they aren't calling their maps the most powerful any more. Read More >>

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Apple Adds New Maps Section to App Store to Help You Replace the iOS 6 Horror Show

Buried within Tim Cook's apology for the embarrassment that is Apple Maps was the candid suggestion that people go try the many other map applications and websites out there. Well, now Apple has gone one step further, adding a whole featured section to the App Store for maps from third party developers. That's a big on Apple's part. Now maybe get your own maps working better? [MacRumors] Read More >>

Why Apple Really Ditched Google Maps

It's been a curious thing, wondering why Apple dropped Google Maps in iOS 6 in favor of its own, half-baked mapping system. According to AllThingsD, the answer could be pretty simple: Turn-by-turn voice navigation. Read More >>

Why Apple Maps Won't Get Better Anytime Soon

Apple's maps are not off to a good start. They're getting killed by critics and users alike. And rightly so! They don't hold their own against last generation's Google Maps on iOS 5. And what's worse for Apple and its fans? Things probably won't be getting better any time soon. Read More >>

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17 People Apple Maps Has Already Horribly Misled

Like so many things in life, Apple's horrific new Maps app would be funny if it weren't so sad. But after Apple decided to ditch Google Maps for its own troubled offering in iOS 6, users have been left with bad directions, incorrect business listings, and a misspelt Doncaster. Read More >>

Where To Keep Track of All the Worst Apple Maps Fails

It's barely been a day since iOS 6's native Maps app was released to the world, and already there's a steady stream of mapsasters that have everyone not-so-secretly wishing a standalone Google Maps app gets released ASAP. Read More >>


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