Apple: Merging Mac OS X and iOS Would be "A Waste of Energy"

As Apple's focus in recent years has shifted from desktop interests to mobile ones, there has been much speculation over a potential merging of the OS X and iOS platforms. Heck, OS X Mavericks seemed to take most of its best ideas from the mobile operating system. But, on the 30th birthday of the Macintosh, Apple has moved to quash rumours of an eventual merger of the two. Read More >>

Rumour: Keyboard King SwiftKey Could be Headed to iPhone

Apple's iOS 7 keyboard update made a number of worthy improvements to the mobile OS's typing system, with better auto-correcting capabilities and a cleaner overall look. But, hands-down, Android users have the best keyboards available, thanks to default keyboard replacement apps such as SwiftKey. Could that particular app however now be coming to iOS too? Read More >>

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iPhone iOS 7's "Screen of Death" Reboot Bug to be Ironed Out by 7.1

iOS 7, perhaps the most divisive software update in Apple's history of mobile devices, has suffered from one particularly annoying bug since launching last September. Random restarts have plagued a number of users, and finally Apple is doing something about it. Read More >>

iOS in Your Car Could Look Pretty Slick

One of the big revelations from the iOS 7 debut was that Apple's working on an in-car version of the mobile operating system. Now app developer Steve Troughton-Smith has tweeted some images of what iOS could, and should, look like when it hits your dashboard. Read More >>

Adding More Layers is Apple's Patent-Suggested Plan For Fixing Maps

It's slowly getting better, but try as it might, Apple just can't top Google's Maps service when it comes to digital cartography  That's not to say it isn't still keeping up the chase though -- a newly uncovered patent points towards a raft of new features Apple has planned for the troubled service. Read More >>

Pebble Smartwatch Gets Full iOS 7 Notifications Support

If there's one smartwatch worth owning, it's probably the Kickstarter-funded, e-ink screened Pebble. If you're one of the 190,000 people worldwide wearing one, you'll be pleased to hear it's now fully compatible with iOS 7, giving you granular control over notifications from Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Flipboard and more apps. Read More >>

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Those iOS 7 Icons Zoom at You Doing 20 Miles Per Hour

When iOS 7 came out, the animations were the first thing everyone noticed. Some people even claimed they got seasick watching their phones. Now we know why: those flat, pastel coloured cards can hit nearly 17 miles per hour as they zip toward your face. Read More >>

iLife and iWork: Better, But More Importantly Free

Along with the flurry of hardware updates, Apple announced substantial upgrades to iLife and iWork. Features run the gamut from seamless integration with iOS to powerful automation tricks like a robotic drummer. And like OS X Mavericks, everything is available immediately. Read More >>

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Watch This Madman Recreate the iOS 7 Homescreen in Microsoft Word

Observe, citizens, as this delightfully talented and probably unhinged gentleman recreates the iOS 7 from scratch using only the tools in Microsoft Word. There is no good explanation for this, but I still can't tear my eyes away from it. Read More >>

Apple Scrimping on the Retina Display for iPad Mini 2?

Alongside Google's Nexus 7 v2, the iPad Mini is, in many respects, the perfect tablet. It's light, it's well built, it's got a tonne of great apps and, for an Apple product, it's relatively affordable. But Apple went cheap on us with the display, holding back the high-res Retina. Those who held off on a purchase of the first-gen miniature slate for that very reason, look away now -- it seems Apple is about to do the same again with the iPad Mini 2. Read More >>

Does Your iPhone 5S Crash With a Blue Screen of Death?

If internet chatter is to be believed, Apple has taken a rather unfortunate leaf out of Microsoft's book: its iPhone 5S seems to be crashing in glorious style with a Blue Screen of Death. Read More >>

This iPhone Prank Tricks People Into Thinking They're Getting a Text

Well, not really. It would not be funny if you were standing there, staring at your phone waiting to get a text for two minutes, much less ten. (You know you've done it.) But if it happened to a friend—now that would be funny. Read More >>

Apple's "Could Not Activate iPhone" iOS 7 Problem Bricks Dev Beta-Running Devices

Around midnight UK time, my iPhone 5, along with thousands of other iOS 7-running devices which hadn't updated from their dev betas, randomly crashed. An error message of "could not activate iPhone" appeared, and prompted users to sign in with their iCloud details. Unfortunately this did not solve the issue, with Apple's activation server being "temporarily unavailable." Read More >>

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Uh Oh, Chrome's Incognito Mode Is Broken on iOS 7

Better be careful what you search for on your iPhone. Chrome's incognito mode on iOS 7 is leaky, and your embarrassing searches might not be as safe as you thought. Read More >>


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