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Which Tablet Is the Hardest? Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini vs iPad 4, Fight!

When you buy a tablet, you probably buy it on specs, size and price, but what if you drop it? Which one is the hardest? And which one is likely to survive if you get swirlied with it in your bag? Let the cringe-worthy testing commence. You've got to love watching gadgets get smashed. Read More >>

New iPad Teardown: Just How Different Is It?

The new iPad came out the blue, its launch feeling a bit awkward, booting out as it did a perfectly good iPad 3 in the process. Still, reviews have been positive -- but just how different is it on the inside? Read More >>

Yep, Chinese Lightning Connector Knock-Offs Work Just Fine

Now that Apple's shoved some security chips in its iDevice Lightning connectors it can pretty much charge what it likes for cables and accessories. Thankfully, nothing stops Chinese ingenuity. And yes, £3 Chinese knock-offs work just fine, so Apple can go stuff it's £15 Lightning cable. Read More >>

iPad 4 Review Roundup: The Real New iPad

So the iPad 4 is the new iPad, or rather the new new iPad because the new iPad was first the iPad 3, which has now become the old and discontinued new iPad half a year later. Yeah, it's awkward. But anyway. This new iPad is just the same as the old iPad except it's a little bit faster. Read More >>

That New Fourth-Generation iPad is Absolutely Blazingly Fast

We're still not sure why Apple ditched its yearly refresh cycle for the iPad, other than trying to homogenise the iDevice line with its new Lightning Connector, but it did. And now benchmarks have shown that the new 'new iPad' is more than twice as powerful than the iPad 3. This thing is a beast. Read More >>

The iPad 3 Is Your Just-Like-the-iPad-4-But-£84-Cheaper Deal of the Day

Woo-hoo! The iPad 4 is here, only months after the iPad 3 came along and gave us all a mesmerising glimpse of the future. So now the iPad 3 is defunct. Or is it? Not really. Read More >>

You Might Be Able to Swap That Now-Antique iPad 3 For an iPad 4, For Free

Various reports are coming in stating that Apple's expanded its 14-day exchange policy to cover at least one month, maybe two. That means if you just bought yourself a 3rd generation iPad, you might be able to nip into an Apple store and swap it for a new 4th generation one right now for free. Read More >>

The New 4th Generation iPad and iPad Mini Will Be 4G in the UK, But Only on EE

Last night we got, not only a new iPad Mini, but also a refreshed fourth generation iPad, both packing UK-compatible 4G. The problem is that it'll only work on EE's 1800MHz network, even after the rest of the UK networks launch their 4G networks, just like the iPhone 5. Read More >>

What You Need to Know About the New Fourth Generation iPad

Sure, today's mostly about the iPad Mini, but Apple just announced a new fourth generation full sized iPad. It's a lot the same, but some key things have changed. Here's everything you'll want to know about it. Read More >>


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