Want a New iPad on Launch Day? You're Going to Have to Queue-Up Overnight

Rumours of Apple having issues producing and shipping enough new iPads to meet demand seem to be coming true. If you want to buy one online in Britain you'll now have to suffer through a 2-3 week wait, even if you pre-order it right now. Read More >>

Meet the Clueless People Who Just Bought the iPad 2

Despite all the hype leading up to Apple's new iPad, some people had no idea it was coming. FWD rounded up the best sad, pissed-off tweets from the unlucky souls who recently bought an iPad 2. [FWD] Read More >>

I Kissed an iPad and I Liked It

We thought Dave Pell's musings on the original iPad in 2010 still ring true today, so we figured we'd share. Enjoy. Read More >>

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What Is Temporal Noise Reduction?

One of the new iPad's video features—along with 1080p recording and video stabilisation—is temporal noise reduction. Apple claims it will improve the quality of footage in low-light conditions. OK, but what the hell is it? Read More >>

The New iPad in Just Five Minutes

See that? It's everything Apple thinks you should know about the iPad in just over five minutes. Read More >>

Watch the Entire Apple iPad Keynote Now

What a day! We got the beautiful new retina display iPad and the new HD Apple TV we were expecting. In case you missed all of the liveblog action — or in case you want to relive the excitement — you can now watch the entirety of today's Apple keynote on Apple's website. [Apple] Read More >>

The New iPad's Beautiful New Retina Display: 1,000,000 More Pixels than HDTV

Retina display! It's a buzzword, but unlike other buzzwords, it's worth caring about. Your iPhone 4 has one, and now your new iPad will too. So what's the big deal? It's the new iPad's best new feature. Read on. Read More >>

Inside Apple's A5X Chipset: Dual-Core CPU, Quad-Core GPU

With the announcement of the iPad 3, came the announcement of a new processor: the A5x chipset with (presumably) a dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU. The A5x is more powerful to be sure, but should we think of it as a next-generation chip, or merely a spec bump? Read More >>

New iPad: The Third Generation

The new iPad is here. Apple's new tablet computer has arrived and its ultra-sharp 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina display is enough to set it apart from anyone else. It's almost like looking at a glossy magazine page. Read More >>

4G iPads Appear Before Announcement

9to5Mac says they've spotted a 4G (LTE?) iPad model in Apple's inventory system, which could bear fruit for us folk over here, if 4G really does roll out commercially by the year's end: Read More >>

Want a New Tablet? Three's Got You Covered

In the biggest piece of speculative iPad HD-fuelled-enthusiasm leeching I’ve seen all day, Three wants to know if you want a new tablet. You do want a new tablet, right? No matter what a new tablet is like, you must have a new tablet; any new tablet will do. Apparently Apple's launching a new tablet today. That'll do. Register your interest -- it might even be a brand new 3G iPad HD, who knows? [Three] Read More >>

The Apple Store Is Down: Here Comes iPad 3!

Apple is currently updating the Apple Store, presumably updating the store with the new goodies that will be announced at today's event. When it's back up will we see a new iPad? A new Apple TV? Tune in later today find out. Read More >>

Rumour: iPad 3 Will Be the First iOS Device with 1GB of RAM

Jailbreak developer Chronic has some big news about the next iPad, Cult of Mac reports: it'll pack a nice big gigabyte of memory. Read More >>

Witness the Amazing Difference Between the iPad and iPad HD's Display

Still have any doubts about how amazing the iPad HD's 2,048 x 1,536-pixel Retina-ish display is? No more: check out these amazing comparison shot of the incoming iOS game Food Run. Read More >>

What to Expect at Apple’s Event Tomorrow

Apple has an event tomorrow, and it will be the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012. It will likely remain the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012 until Apple's next event, which may then overtake it. Read More >>

Rumour: iPad HD Will Be Available March 16?

According to 9to5mac, the iPad HD (or 3) will be available on March 16th. Last year's iPad 2 release date was March 11th, which was the Friday following the announcement event. The 16th this year would be the same. Read More >>


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