Tesco's Big Tech Sale is Your Support-Big-Chains-For-a-Change Deal of the Day

Tesco may not win any popularity contests, what with them being so omnipresent, but you'd be certifiably mental not to exploit them when they're flogging loads of cheapo items for your enjoyment. Their self-service tills may be the single biggest evil in modern Britain, but they sure know how to prise open our purses. Read More >>

A Low Cost iPad Mini is Your "Another Thing For the Kids to Argue Over This Christmas" Deal of the Day

Apple revolutionised technology when they released the iPad, allowing us all to ignore our phones and television while playing Candy Crush and half reading news articles while ensuring we have as many gadgets on as humanly possible. Newsreaders were thrilled because they could hold them on TV, for absolutely no reason. Read More >>

The Best Small Tablet Display (Hint: It's Not the iPad Mini)

A new generation of mini 7 to 8-inch tablets from three of the major manufacturers has just completed with the belated launch of the Apple iPad mini with retina display. While the Kindle Fire HDX, Nexus 7, and new iPad mini all have improved displays over their previous year counterparts, only one truly stands out—as lagging significantly behind. Read More >>

Retina iPad Mini Review: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Last year's iPad mini was very nearly perfect in every way, except the one you needed it to be. Its display was porridge next to the bright retina cornucopia of its bigger iPad brother and its tiny tablet competitors. This year? We feast. Read More >>

​iPad Mini 2013 First Impressions: That's More Like It

The original iPad Mini featured a flawless design undermined by an unforgivably subpar display, an antique frame wasted on fingerprint. Good news. This year's iPad Mini is, after a short time playing with it, picture perfect. Read More >>

iPad Mini With Retina Display Spills Its Glorious High-Resolution Guts

The new iPad Mini with retina display finally started trickling into stores yesterday, and as usual, the fine folks at iFixit have taken up their multifarious tools of gadget disassembly and seized upon the unsuspecting device. Here's what this baby looks like under the hood. Read More >>

An iPad Mini is Your "Yep, it's One of Those Retina Jobbies" Deal of the Day

Tablets are fun, unless you're one of those dreadful pillocks who takes them to gigs so you can awkwardly take photos of bands and record their songs, when really, your smartphone would do the same job. Away from that, they're excellent for showing off that you've got a bit of money. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy an iPad Mini With Retina Display

With little fanfare, Apple has now opened sales for its little high-res slate. The iPad Mini with Retina Display is up for sale on Apple's online store, starting at £319 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version and rising to £659 for the 128GB Wi-Fi and 4G versions. Read More >>

This Is the New iPad You Should Buy

Overwhelmed with choice on the iPad front? After the most recent unveil of the new retina iPad mini and its mightier A7 chip-packing cohort, the iPad Air, you have more iPads than ever to choose from. Not sure which one you want? We've got you covered. Read More >>

Want a Retina iPad Mini? Better Start Queuing Now...

Though most of us lambast the Apple faithful who camp up outside the Cupertino company's retail stores ahead of each major (or insignificant!) hardware release, they may be onto something this time around -- the newly unveiled iPad Mini with Retina Display is going to be one tricky tech toy to get hold of. Read More >>

Everything Apple Didn't Announce at Yesterday's iPad Event

Two new iPads! Better MacBook Pros! The finishing touches on the cylindrical Mac Pro. OS X Mavericks for free. iLife. iWork. Apple announced a tonne of stuff during its iPad event. Stuff that'll dent your wallet. Stuff that will make your life better. Stuff that'll keep you happy. But what about all the stuff Apple didn't announce? There's still a bunch of... stuff. Read More >>

Yesterday's Apple iPad Event in 12 GIFs

Yesterday, Apple presented to the world its new iPad Air and iPad mini, along with details about OS X Mavericks, updated MacBook Pros, and the Mac Pro. But why waste breath talking about all that when we can just enjoy it in a series endless loops instead? Read More >>

New iPad Mini Meta Hands-On: Ravishingly Retina

The little iPad Mini just got some big changes as announced in today's Apple event — first and foremost being a 7.9 inch Retina display. It's also got faster guts without growing out of its skinny little body. How's it run? Hands-on impressions say it's a familiar iPad with a screen that'll blow your hair back. Read More >>

The Retina iPad Mini vs the Competition

So you've read all about it; but how does Apple's cute little tablet compare to the now-bloated small tablet category? We've crunched the numbers and stacked them all side-by-side, for your comparing pleasure. Read More >>

Apple's Second iPad Mini Has a Retina Display, A7 Chip

Apple's dinky 7-inch iPad Mini has been updated with a higher-resolution retina display, and smokin' hot A7 processor! Great news for those who held out on the first-gen model in the hopes of Apple doing just that. Read More >>

Tim Cook Spends Most Time During Apple Events Just Chillin'

Bolshy, in your face and present front-and-centre for the majority of Apple's major keynote events after his return to the Cupertino company in 1997, Steve Jobs was as much the star of Apple's keynotes as the products he was shilling. Tim Cook? Seems he prefers to just kick back in the wings and chill. Read More >>


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