Adobe Lightroom Mobile Review: Edit RAW Photos on Your iPad, Sort Of

Adobe's Lightroom is a staple in the editing workflow of most photographers. The new, much-anticipated mobile version shows off a clever workaround for handling RAW files in a simple, if limited, interface. Read More >>

Apple Display Patent Uses Infrared Light to Detect Touch Pressure

A simpler method of measuring how hard children are jabbing their fingers at the "BUY" button inside tawdry free-to-play applications may be on the way from Apple, after patents for a new pressure sensitive touchscreen were unearthed. Read More >>

Microsoft Appeal to Users' Honour as Office for iPad Loophole is Found

You may have noticed that an iPad version of Microsoft Office was released on Thursday, which was a massive improvement on the iPhone version since you can use basic features without a £100 Office 365 subscription. Well now it turns out that with a bit of fiddling you can access more than the basic features without a subscription. Get in! Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Advert Lays Into iPad, Surface and Kindle

This is the advertising equivalent of walking up to the most popular kids in school, kicking them in the nether regions and then asking them out for a fight. Fair play to Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro advert -- it's got balls, if not all of its facts straight. Read More >>

Apple Replaces Ageing iPad 2 With 16GB iPad 4

Apple has re-introduced the fourth-generation iPad , replacing the ageing iPad 2 with a single 16GB version of the newer tablet. Read More >>

Apple iOS 7.1 is Now Available

iOS 7.1 is now out, bearing mostly "minor improvements and bug-fixes", but also CarPlay support. At the moment there aren't any cars to support it, but as soon there are you'll be good to go. Well, if you're picking up a fancy new car anyway. Read More >>

Apple Patents Emergency Alert That Calls the Police When You Can't

An Apple patent published today details a theoretical feature that would enable your mobile device to detect an emergency and alert your designated contacts or the police. And y'know what? It actually makes a lot of sense. Read More >>

Mother Bequeaths iPad to Son But Apple Won't Unlock It

When you die, don't forget to include your Apple ID in your will. Because, if happen to bequeath any Apple devices to friends and family, they'll be useless hunks of metal and glass without the secret word. At least, that's what we're left believing after a standoff between Apple and a dead mother's sons. Read More >>

Forced Horizontal iPhone Video App Horizon is Now Free

Horizon, the clever camera app that forces your iPhone or iPad to only shoot horizontal videos no matter how they're held, is now free on the iTunes App Store for a little while. So now you have no excuse for shooting vertical videos ever again. [iTunes App Store] Read More >>

The Best iPad Air Case Covers

The iPad air is a beautiful bit of design, but it's also a slight, delicate little thing. It's built to last, but even Apple's engineers haven't mastered defending it against the horrors of the loose change and pointy pens running wild in your rucksack. It needs some protection, and your arms need a rest from holding it up while you binge on that latest House of Cards season. Read More >>

Old Man iPad 2 is Finally Allowed to Retire

It's had a good innings, right? 2011's iPad 2 is being sent to a tech care home, to be discontinued as sales have slowed to a point where Apple is now happy to focus on its most recent slates. Read More >>

From Tablets to TVs: What's Next For Display Tech in 2014

Starting in 2010 when Apple made the retina display and display quality a central theme for their product marketing, displays have moved up from the doldrums into an unprecedented renaissance of new display technologies for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and entirely new classes of products like wearable displays. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Scan Your Emotions to Aid Advertisers

Or at least that's what's suggested by Apple's "Inferring user mood based on user and group characteristic data" patent, which has just been uncovered. Read More >>

This GPS Lightning Adapter Makes Cheaper iPads Location-Aware

If you decided to save a few quid and opt for an iPad without cellular, it also means you bought yourself a tablet without GPS. Wi-Fi hotspot locations help guesstimate your locations, but if you want better results, you'll have to try for Bad Elf's tiny GPS module. Read More >>

A Saving of £55 on an iPad Mini is Your "Small Tablet, Smallish Price Tag" Deal of the Day

Apple products are nice and all, but what makes people queue in the street for weeks on end, living like tramps just so they can get their hands on something marginally before anyone else? Apple fans may be crackers, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try out the device for yourself. Read More >>

Apple Patents Solar Sandwich Charger Layer for MacBooks

Apple's been dreaming about the future again, forseeing a world in which the sun still shines through the industrial smog and is strong enough to power and charge a MacBook or iPad battery via a layer of photovoltaic cells. Read More >>


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