Take Notes While Saving Your iPhone's Battery With This Nostalgic Case

Before touchscreens and tablets came along, Magna Doodle was the easiest way for a kid to draw without a pencil and paper. Which is why somewhere deep down we have a soft spot for what is otherwise a ridiculous iPhone case. Read More >>

Underwater iPhone Case Only Lets You Use the Camera App

It might be waterproof to 100 feet, but TAT7's iPhone Scuba Case only includes three strategically-placed mechanical buttons for launching and operating the default camera app. Read More >>

These Vintage Cameras Died So Your iPhone Could Have a Hip Place To Dock

It's getting harder and harder to find film for older SLR cameras. So Etsy seller LaboratorioAltieri guts them and gives them a new lives as stylish USB docks for iOS devices. Retro camera enthusiasts might want to look away. Read More >>

Periscope Attachment Turns Your iPhone Into Its Own Tripod

There's no end to the number of kickstand-equipped iPhone cases you can buy, but most are designed to let you prop up your phone for watching movies. The iFilm, however, is like a tiny tripod for capturing movies instead. Read More >>

iPhone Mug Case Lets You Reach For a Half-Cup of Stupidity

Apple employs countless designers and engineers who do everything they can to squeeze as much functionality into the iPhone while keeping it slim and pocket-friendly—only to have case makers come along and create monstrosities like this ridiculous half mug. Read More >>

Ridiculous Skateboard iPhone Case Should Also Be Outlawed

Skateboarding might not be a crime, but I think a law that would make it illegal to own and use this Skate Deck iPhone case needs to be added to the books ASAP. Read More >>

Ridiculous Fur Case Adds Brushing To Your iPhone Cleaning Ritual

My iPhone already has no problem attracting all manner of mysterious dirt and crap, so the last thing I need is one of these Monster fur cases that's going to turn it into a magnet for dust, lint, and fuzzballs. Read More >>

There's Some Shotgun in This iPhone Case

Borrowing from the design of the recoil shoulder pad you'll find on a shotgun, the sidewalls on the iPhone GunnerCase are filled with air cells that collapse on impact, absorbing the forces and minimizing the damage of a dropped handset. Read More >>

An iPhone Case For Fingerprint Fighters

Most people have learned to live with the fingerprints and smear marks on their touchscreen devices. But for those of us who still spend more time than we should polishing and re-polishing our displays, there's the WipeCoin iPhone case. Read More >>

Why Siri Will Never Officially Appear on the iPhone 4

Since the arrival of the iPhone 4S, users of the humble iPhone 4 have been hoping for a chance to get Siri. While they can unofficially, they never will from Apple. Here's why. Read More >>

Bedside iPhone Speaker Dock Completely Replaces Your Bedside Table

Here's an interesting solution to the problem of giant alarm clock docks that gobble up space on your nightstand. JVC's new N-BX3 is a 44 pound behemoth that replaces your bedside table altogether, with a flat glass top for holding things. Read More >>

Protect Your iPhone's Glass Display With... More Glass?

Most screen protectors are just a thin layer of flexible plastic that do an adequate job at shrugging off scratches. But they're no where near as tough as Spigen's new GLAS.t which adds another layer of glass for maximum protection. Read More >>

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What Makes a Better Skipping Stone: The iPhone 4 Or the HTC Desire HD?

Of all the tests we conduct when we review a phone, for some reason we've never checked to see how well a handset skips across a lake. But a Chinese man has, officially ending the iPhone vs. Android debate. Read More >>

Apple Sells 37 Million iPhones; 15 Million iPads in Monster Money Quarter

Apple just set company records for net income ($13.06 billion, or £8.72bn) and revenue ($46.33 billion, or £29.71bn), thanks in large part to selling as many iPhones as there are people in California. Oh, and nearly half as many iPads, too. Read More >>

CaseMate's Phallic Snap Case Harnesses the Awesome Power Of Slap Wrap

There are literally more iPhone cases on the show floor than CES attendees, but only one that uses the same bracelet technology that made the 90's easy to forget. Read More >>


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