Apple Now Has a £429 8GB iPhone 5C

Is 8GB enough storage space for a smartphone soon to be laden with music, videos, apps and saucy sexting pics? Apple is hoping so -- as rumoured yesterday, it's today launched a £429 iPhone 5C, a £40 saving over the 16GB version. Cheap enough to tempt you towards Apple's under-performing plastic-cased smartphone? Read More >>

Report: An 8GB iPhone 5C Launches Tomorrow

Apple's (not-so) cheap iPhone 5C will become a little more affordable tomorrow, dialing back the amount of storage space on offer and coming in at a suitably lowered price point, if an O2 leak is to be believed. Read More >>

ios 7
iPhone iOS 7's "Screen of Death" Reboot Bug to be Ironed Out by 7.1

iOS 7, perhaps the most divisive software update in Apple's history of mobile devices, has suffered from one particularly annoying bug since launching last September. Random restarts have plagued a number of users, and finally Apple is doing something about it. Read More >>

Every iPhone, Ranked

Buying an iPhone is not confusing. You have a 50% shot of getting it right (unlike the 100% success rate you'd had a few months ago). But if you still need help in deciding which iPhone is best, here's how we would rank them all.

"Almost Everyone" At Apple Works on iPhone Development

Apple employs some 16,000 people at its Cupertino headquarters, and despite being the makers of tablets, computers, media players and set-top boxes, almost all of its Silicon Valley workers have to devote some time to iPhone development. Read More >>

The Smartphone Battery King is Crowned and It's Not an iPhone...

You may well be religiously keeping to our smartphone battery tips, but there's only so much juice you're ever going to squeeze out of your blower's battery pack. So which phone will give you the most battery life for your buck? Read More >>

Clever iOS Game Helps iPhone 5C Case Fulfill Its Connect Four Destiny

Much has been said about the perforated plastic case Apple designed for the iPhone 5C, and very little of it has been positive. But an iOS developer has found the plastic cheese grater's silver lining with an iOS game that turns it into a fairly authentic recreation of Connect Four. Read More >>

WSJ: Apple Is Slashing Orders for the iPhone 5C

Apple took a big step when it introduced the iPhone 5C, and since the internet has been abuzz with how successful—or otherwise—the handset will be. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is slashing orders for the device. Read More >>

A Free App Can Save Your iPhone 5C From Looking Hideous In Its Case

If you snatched up the colourful iPhone 5C and its perforated case before you realised what an eyesore it is, there's now a cheap and simple solution to the problem. The developers at LunarLincoln have just released a free app called CaseCollage that lets you create and print an insert that fills all those cheese grater holes with whatever images or graphics you want. Read More >>

iPhone 5C Production Reportedly Halved as Supply Outweighs Demand

All the colours of the rainbow don't seem to be helping Apple shift the iPhone 5C. Just three short weeks after it hit stores, Apple are already said to be cutting production in half. It's said to be churning out just 150,000 of the "entry-level" handsets daily now, down from 300,000. The premium iPhone 5S seems to be faring better -- unsurprising given its souped-up spec list can be nabbed for just £60 more than the 5C, by a customer base conditioned to only lust after the very (expensive) best. [C Technology via Telegraph] Read More >>

watch this
Watch the iPhone 5C Get Obliterated By a .50 Calibre Rifle

In all your years of owning an iPhone, I hope you never have to use it as a bulletproof vest. Because it wouldn't work. Read More >>

iPhone 5S' 64-bit A7 Chip Is a Gimmick Says Qualcomm

Apple's "S" class iPhone upgrades are usually just stepping stones onto better things for the numbered entries into the line, and this year's 5S handset was no different, adding a fingerprint sensor to a design more or less the same as the iPhone 5. Its one truly notable upgrade? The promise of its 2x faster 64-bit A7 chip, which has now been slammed by Qualcomm as being just a gimmick. Read More >>

Here's how to get O2's 4G Service Working on iPhone 5S and 5C

Apple may have been singing from the rooftops on how the new duo of iPhones would work on more mobile radio bands than any previous generation, but if you were an O2 customer looking to get 4G speeds on the 5S or 5C you were bang out of luck. Until now that is. Read More >>

iPhone 5C First Impressions: An iPhone 5 With a Hard Candy Shell

When we got our hands on the iPhone 5C, our very first thought was that it feels like the iPhone 5 permanently ensconced in a case. That was also our next four or five thoughts. Because basically, that's all the iPhone 5C is. Read More >>


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