iOS 7.1 Adding iPhone Battery Draining Woes to its List of Features

It'll keep you from going off-road in your Carplay-equipped motor, but iOS 7.1 has also brought with it an unwanted feature for some of its users. It seems the latest update to Apple's mobile software is draining iPhone and iPad batteries at a significantly increased rate. Read More >>

ios 7
iPhone iOS 7's "Screen of Death" Reboot Bug to be Ironed Out by 7.1

iOS 7, perhaps the most divisive software update in Apple's history of mobile devices, has suffered from one particularly annoying bug since launching last September. Random restarts have plagued a number of users, and finally Apple is doing something about it. Read More >>

Every iPhone, Ranked

Buying an iPhone is not confusing. You have a 50% shot of getting it right (unlike the 100% success rate you'd had a few months ago). But if you still need help in deciding which iPhone is best, here's how we would rank them all.

Is Your iPhone 5S Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner Becoming Less Accurate?

It unlocks your iPhone 5S with a simple touch of a finger, and can save you the pain of tapping out passwords before iTunes purchases while retaining an important layer of security. But some owners of Apple's latest premium smartphone are claiming that its headlining Touch ID fingerprint-scanning feature is becoming less accurate the more they use it. Read More >>

iPhone 5S Price Index Calculates How Expensive it is in Real Money Terms

A phone company has created a thing it calls the iPhone 5S price index, which compares the relative cost of Apple's latest phone with the cost of living and national GDP of each country that sells it. And it's the Chinese that have to sacrifice the most to buy their aspirationally-branded mobile phones. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Camera Battle: Welcome to Photography, Google

Last year's Nexus 4 was a wonderful phone paired with a miserably subpar camera. By contrast, the Nexus 5 is loaded with all the excellence Google and LG could muster, including a camera that can almost keep up with the big boys. Here's how it stacks up. Read More >>

Apple and Samsung Get Back in the Ring Over Renewed Patent Row

Just when you thought it was safe to file a patent, Apple and Samsung come out all guns blazing in yet another courtroom battle. It all went a bit quiet for a while following the August 2012 ruling that Samsung had indeed infringed upon Apple's intellectual properties, but now the case is heading back to the courts over the amount of damages due to the Cupertino company. Read More >>

The Smartphone Battery King is Crowned and It's Not an iPhone...

You may well be religiously keeping to our smartphone battery tips, but there's only so much juice you're ever going to squeeze out of your blower's battery pack. So which phone will give you the most battery life for your buck? Read More >>

iPhone 5S Owners Reporting Battery Blues

Owners of Apple's newest, shiniest iPhone 5S smartphones are reporting battery problems, with both capacity and charge times taking a hit compared to previous generations of the handset. Not great news if you've just paid upwards of £550 for one, and it seems Apple is well aware of the problem. Read More >>

Apple Hilariously Called the Gold iPhone 5S 'The Kardashian Phone'

As Apple was prepping the perfectly glitzy hue of the goldpagne iPhone 5S, the phone was being referred to as "the Kardashian phone" inside Apple according to NY Times reporter Nick Bilton. Yes, that would be the same Kardashian as notorious iPhone auteur Kim and her well manicured yet totally overexposed family. Which means yes, Apple was completely aware of how ridiculous the goldpagne iPhone was going to be. Read More >>

Here's Why the iPhone 5S Accelerometer Is So Screwed Up

A few weeks ago we confirmed reports that the iPhone 5S motion sensors were embarrassingly off. Some enterprising developers have investigated the problem, and figured out that at its root, it's indeed a hardware design issue that Apple either overlooked or ignored. The good news is that there's a fix coming, but not from Apple. Read More >>

iPhone 5C Production Reportedly Halved as Supply Outweighs Demand

All the colours of the rainbow don't seem to be helping Apple shift the iPhone 5C. Just three short weeks after it hit stores, Apple are already said to be cutting production in half. It's said to be churning out just 150,000 of the "entry-level" handsets daily now, down from 300,000. The premium iPhone 5S seems to be faring better -- unsurprising given its souped-up spec list can be nabbed for just £60 more than the 5C, by a customer base conditioned to only lust after the very (expensive) best. [C Technology via Telegraph] Read More >>

Does Your iPhone 5S Crash With a Blue Screen of Death?

If internet chatter is to be believed, Apple has taken a rather unfortunate leaf out of Microsoft's book: its iPhone 5S seems to be crashing in glorious style with a Blue Screen of Death. Read More >>

The iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up

Since the iPhone 5S landed in the hands of new owners a few weeks ago, there have been reports that on-board sensors like the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer haven't been working properly on some devices. We've confirmed the new iPhone's failings on our own. It's not just off. It's embarrassing. Read More >>

iPhone 5S' 64-bit A7 Chip Is a Gimmick Says Qualcomm

Apple's "S" class iPhone upgrades are usually just stepping stones onto better things for the numbered entries into the line, and this year's 5S handset was no different, adding a fingerprint sensor to a design more or less the same as the iPhone 5. Its one truly notable upgrade? The promise of its 2x faster 64-bit A7 chip, which has now been slammed by Qualcomm as being just a gimmick. Read More >>

Nexus 5 Tipped For Late October, Matching the iPhone 5S' Specs at Half the Price

Looking to prove that its "don't be evil" mantra still holds weight, Google is looking to put out its supercharged Nexus 5 handset by the end of October for around just £275 -- half the price of Apple's iPhone 5S. Read More >>


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