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FocusTwist: The Closest to a Lytro Camera Your iPhone Can Get

While we'll still have to wait a bit for Lytro powers to come to our smartphones on a hardware level, we can at least approximate the neat little camera's refocusing powers with what we've already got. And this is where FocusTwist for iOS steps in. Read More >>

The BBC Launches a Dedicated iPlayer For Radio

Fancy a spot of BBC radio but don't actually have a radio? Now there's an app for that. The BBC's just rolled out a brand new iPlayer Radio app and website so you can catch up or stream live radio wherever you have a connection, and even get it to wake you up in the mornings too. Read More >>

app of the day
iFit: Recreate the Same Exact Workout Every Time

Do you ever finish a really pleasant run and wonder where exactly you just went? What was the name of that park? And which cul-de-sac did you cut through to get there? iFit will map and store your route, even if you're jogging through an area without a signal. Read More >>


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