Sky Go, Now TV and iPlayer Streaming is Currently Broken on iOS Devices

If you're an iPhone or iPad user looking to catch up on recent Sky Go, Now TV or BBC iPlayer programming at the moment, it looks like you're out of luck. Streaming is currently not working properly across all three platforms, with a "Client Server Certificate" error seemingly causing the issues with the Sky apps. Read More >>

BBC 'Does a Netflix' With Early iPlayer Release of Entire Series of Chris Lilley's New Show

Netflix does it, Amazon Instant Video does it, and now the BBC will be doing it too thanks to its iPlayer service. The Beeb will be showing all six episodes of comedian Chris Liley's new show Jonah From Tonga on iPlayer for 48 hours from Friday May 2nd, ahead of the show's weekly traditional TV schedule. You can hardly really call it a "catch-up" platform anymore, right? Read More >>

BBC iPlayer Shows Will be Available for 30 Days From the Summer

The seven-day limit on the BBC's iPlayer catch-up service is to be raised to 30 days from this summer, having finally had the extension approved by the BBC Trust. The Trust had to consider the "likely impact on audiences and on the market; the novelty and duration of proposals; and their financial implications," before approving the change. And probably the health effects of a month-long Eastenders marathon, too. [BBC] Read More >>

Google Chromecast UK Review: Eyes Land on the Stream

Better late than never, eh Google? After waiting the best part of a year for the Google Chromecast media streaming dongle to cross the Atlantic, the thumb-sized device is now finally available in UK stores. Has it been worth the wait? Read More >>

BBC Promises an Innovative, Yoof-Driven Future for iPlayer-Only BBC3

"What would it take to save BBC3?" That was the question on everyone's lips at this morning's new-look iPlayer unveiling. But for the BBC's Danny Cohen, director of BBC Television, the channel doesn't "need saving". Rather, the Beeb executive thinks the online-only future for BBC3 is as bright as it's ever been. Read More >>

A Redesigned BBC iPlayer Launches Today

The BBC has today announced the launch of a revamped iPlayer catch-up service, rolling out today. Read More >>

Rumour: BBC iPlayer for Xbox One Delayed Because of Kinect Issues

Whether you're a license fee-paying Xbox One owner or not, it seems there's no point holding your breath hoping for BBC's iPlayer application to arrive for the console any time soon. An unnamed BBC programmer has allegedly spoken to Ultimate Gaming Paradise saying that the Kinect is causing the catch-up service to be delayed. Read More >>

Should BBC Viewers Who Watch Only Online Through iPlayer be Made to Pay the TV License Fee?

The BBC's iPlayer service was a real game-changer, freeing viewers to watch Eastenders re-runs or the latest Sherlock mystery as and when they saw fit. It was liberating, and not least of all because it offered a loophole through which people could watch BBC programming without paying the license fee. Read More >>

Next-Gen iPlayer, BBC Playlister, BBC Store: Digital Future of the Beeb Revealed By Director-General Tony Hall

Giving only his second keynote speech after becoming the BBC's 16th Director-General back in November 2012, Tony Hall has today outlined his vision for the future of the Beeb. And it's all about personalisation. And, inevitably, it's all about the iPlayer. Read More >>

Shoddy Home Internet Set-Ups Waste Enough Bandwidth to Power iPlayer for 59 years

Crappy wiring, half-broken filters and poorly set-up routers are some of the more obvious reasons people off a less technically adept nature suffer slow broadband connections, with the wasted bandwidth enough to run the BBC's iPlayer service to everyone for 59 years. Read More >>

Freesat's Freetime Boxes go Sub-£100 with Humax HB-1000S

The posh new Freesat Freetime EPG and catch-up system is now available on a budget, thanks to the Humax HB-1000S offering all the fun of a DIY HD satellite TV install for just under £100. There's a catch, though. Read More >>

You Can Finally Download BBC iPlayer Programs on Android

Having taken what seems like forever to match its iOS counterpart, the BBC's iPlayer app for Android can now download shows for offline viewing, at last. Read More >>

Jack Whitehall's Bad Education Leads the BBC's iPlayer-First Comedy Play

Starting at the end of August, you'll be able to watch Jack Whitehall in Bad Education on the BBC iPlayer a week before it's broadcast on BBC 3. Coupled with web-only shows, and the 40-hours of iPlayer-first shows already scheduled, it shows the BBC's truly throwing itself into online video. I doubt there'll ever be a day when the BBC isn't broadcast free-to-air, but more and more IPTV is definitely in its future. The question remains: Is Bad Education actually worth watching? [BBC] Read More >>

You'll Be Able to Download All the BBC's Radio Shows Soon

The BBC Trust has just approved a system that will basically bring radio into line with the BBC's downloadable iPlayer for TV, allowing you to download and store radio shows for up to 30 days. Should be good for those shows that aren't available as podcasts and perfect for your Just a Minute marathons come 2014. Read More >>

Thatcher's Funeral the Third Most Popular iPlayer Event of All Time

The parading of the dead Prime Minister around London attracted near-record iPlayer viewing figures for the BBC, with some 823,000 people watching the live stream of Lady Thatcher's descent into the pits of... the crematorium. Read More >>

A Staggering 40 Per Cent of Peak EU Internet Traffic Is Just Us Streaming Telly and Films

The demand for "real time" streaming media is pushing ISPs like never before, with new stats claiming an average 40 per cent of all peak internet traffic in Europe is generated by demand for music and video streams. And in some countries it accounts for as much as half of all network traffic. Read More >>


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