Twitter IPO Values Social Site at Around £6.5bn

Twitter has announced plans to float itself on the US stock market, in a move that ought to place a value of around £6.5bn on the time-wasting social site. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg on the NSA Debacle, Facebook Home, and Sucking at IPOs

Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference Mark Zuckerberg has made his feelings known about the recent NSA scandal, pointing out that the government "blew it". Read More >>

Stupid California Cost Itself £450 Million Over Stupid Facebook IPO

It's generally a bad idea to base your budget on hypothetical money that may or may not end up in your pocket. It's a much worse idea if you're the state of California, and that money is wacky Facebook cash. Read More >>

Zuckerberg Rambling About Nothing for 30 Minutes Earned Facebook £4 Billion

Do you want to know what power is? Power is going up on a stage, yammering about very little for half an hour, and boom, a few days later you company is worth nearly £4 BILLION more than it was a few days ago. Read More >>

Facebook Handled Its IPO Exactly Right

Andrews Ross Sorkin wrote a piece for the NY Times that was just ridiculous. He put the blame squarely on the back of the CFO of FB. Talk about getting it 180 degrees wrong. Read More >>

Why Facebook's Tanking Today

The stock is falling! The stock is falling! If you stopped following the Facebook IPOcalypse on Friday, it might be time to pull up another chair. FB has plummeted 12 per cent as of this writing, with no signs of pulling out of its nosedive. Ruh roh. Read More >>

Facebook Is Going To Be Even More Annoying Now That It's Public

Facebook is public now. And that means you're going public too. Facebook has to make you share more. It has to make you expose more of yourself. It has to do all those deeply creepy it's already doing, but more more more. It is going to sell you to advertisers, to shareholders, to anyone it can. Read More >>

Reminder: The Facebook IPO Won't Make You Rich

It's Facebook IPO day! After months of SEC reviews and roadshows and profiteering, FB will finally take its place in the Nasdaq menagerie when markets opens at 9:30 EST. Time to start digging up your backyard bullion stash, right? Wrong. For the average guy the Facebook IPO is strictly Like, don't touch. Read More >>

Reminder: The £3.15 Billion Facebook IPO Won't Make You Rich

It's widely reported that Facebook is going to file for an IPO today, and likely that the offering will be in the $5 billion range (around £3.15 billion). Time to start digging up your backyard bullion stash, right? Wrong. For the average guy the Facebook IPO is strictly Like, don't touch. Read More >>

WSJ: $100 Billion Facebook IPO Happening Next Week

The Wall Street Journal's golden box of anonymous sources has rattled once more, this time with news that Facebook is finally going public. Now that's cooler than a million dollars. Read More >>


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