The Most Ridiculous iPod Dock Ever Made Now Has a Bluetooth Receiver too

Jean Michel Jarre's ridonkulous iPod dock (that we secretly, desperately want) now has a new trick. It's got a fancy-looking new Bluetooth receiver, because your £10,000-odd dock got made redundant by Apple's Lightning switch. Read More >>

UK's Best-Selling Soundbar Shrinks In Size

I do like a good British success story, and Orbitsound seems to have struck gold with its soundbar docks. Taking the formula of the larger T12, the company has created the smaller T9 for teensy TVs or gaming-dedicated systems. But kept the iPod dock, just in case you have a hankering for something other than the 'Stenders theme-tune. Read More >>

Why Does This iPod Dock Sofa Exist?

Nothing says class and modern charm like building speakers into furniture, and the UK Sound Sofa by CSL isn't going to miss this trend-wave. For just £999, you can own (and nap on!) the world's worst idea. Read More >>

Is This Lalique Crystal iPod Dock By Jean Michel Jarre Not the Most Ridonkulous Thing You've Ever Seen?

Yes, that Jean Michel Jarre. When I tweeted a photo of the Aerosystem One dock at the launch event last night, I was met with replies from "it looks like a cheesegrater," to a patio-heater, to "a free-standing ashtray," to an "exhaust stack on a 16 wheel lorry." And that's before I've even told you of the various sex-toy jokes. Read More >>

An iPod Dock So Big It Needs to Roll Around Like a Suitcase

You're planning some festivities you say? Not so much a party as a BASH? The dinky rechargeable battery dock in your room is not going to cut it. You need something so big and heavy it needs a retractable handle and wheels. Read More >>

Samsung's New Vacuum Tube Dock Plays with Your iPhone and Your Galaxy

The new Samsung DA-E750 speaker dock does two things that other docks don't. First, it plays with both your iOS devices or your Galaxy S. The dock has also been outfitted with a hybrid vacuum tube system that Samsung says will put some audiophile muster behind your tunes. Read More >>

Yamaha PDX-11 iPod Dock: Speaker Big. Shell Rugged.

Yamaha makes some pretty awesome audio equipment, even if it often ranges on the pricey side. So there's reason to be excited for their new PDX-11 iPod dock, especially considering the four-inch woofer, distinctive looks and low low pricetag. Read More >>

There's a Logitech AirPlay Speaker Hiding Out on Amazon

I've thought it was a bit odd that Logitech, who has made some of my favorite iPod docks, had yet to produce an AirPlay speaker by now. That seems like it's gonna change soon if this Amazon listing (now pulled) is any indication. Read More >>

lightning review
Monitor Audio i-Deck 200 Lightning Review: a Cheaper Zeppelin In More Ways Than One

Seeing the success B&W’s had with the Zeppelin and Zeppelin Air, another British hi-fi company wants in on that lucrative iPod dock money-maker. Monitor Audio's i-Deck 200 is a dead ringer for the first Zep, with cool curves and audiophile aspirations, albeit without the Wi-Fi and at a lower price. Read More >>


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