Sony Has Locked Up Viacom For Its Online TV Service

Everyone and their dog is trying to create some kind of streaming future for TV, but deals with content providers have proven incredibly difficult to nail down. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony has apparently cleared that hurdle, striking an agreement with TV giant Viacom. Read More >>

Jack Whitehall's Bad Education Leads the BBC's iPlayer-First Comedy Play

Starting at the end of August, you'll be able to watch Jack Whitehall in Bad Education on the BBC iPlayer a week before it's broadcast on BBC 3. Coupled with web-only shows, and the 40-hours of iPlayer-first shows already scheduled, it shows the BBC's truly throwing itself into online video. I doubt there'll ever be a day when the BBC isn't broadcast free-to-air, but more and more IPTV is definitely in its future. The question remains: Is Bad Education actually worth watching? [BBC] Read More >>

The BBC's Going to Shove Up to 40 Hours of TV On iPlayer First

Looks like the BBC wants to get in on the online-only game, and not just with catch-up content. The BBC Trust has given the go-ahead for a 12-month trial putting up to 40 hours of TV content online ahead of traditional broadcast. Feeling the pressure from Netflix, perhaps? Read More >>

BT's Vision IPTV Trial Gets Anonymously Poked and Prodded -- Is This the Future of TV?

BT's currently trialling a complete revamp of its Vision TV service, moulding it into the next evolution of television, IPTV. While the likes of you or I won't get our hands on it for a while, an anonymous tipster was kind enough to clue us in on what it's like. Will IPTV really revolutionise TV in the UK? Read More >>

TalkTalk Squeezes Out Its Own YouView Box

TalkTalk's taken the wraps off its own YouView-powered service. It's got a different Huawei-made box, looks a little different, and packs LoveFilm's pay-per-view and TalkTalk's own TV packages. The rest is just YouView as we've seen before. The box is free with subscription starting at £14.50 a month, plus a £50 installation charge. [The Register] Read More >>

BT and TalkTalk Will Roll Out Their Own YouView Boxes

YouView might have only just gotten into a few select homes, but it's starting to gather a little bit of steam. Both BT and TalkTalk will apparently sell their own branded YouView boxes, meaning YouView should get a big kick in the pants. Read More >>

Sky's New PAYG Streaming "Now TV" Service Will Pop In the Coming Two Months

Good news for those looking to take their TV over-the-top and cut those pricy pay-TV subscriptions – Sky’s streaming pay as you go TV service, Now TV, is on track for the “first half of this year”, which should mean we’ll see it any time in the next month or so. Read More >>

Sky's Launching a New PAYG Internet TV Service in the UK Called Now TV

Sky’s really been pushing its brands online with Sky Go and even companion apps like the Sky Sports iPad app that sports “Race Control” for F1. Now it’s going the whole hog and has unveiled a brand new IPTV service called Now TV that’ll launch later this year for non-Sky subscribers. It’ll apparently give you instant access to some of Sky’s most popular content on a hopefully cheaper, pay-as-you-go tariff. Read More >>

Sony's Google TV Streamer Picks Up Where the Logitech Revue Left Off

Logitech may have balked on their relationship with the Google TV platform, but Sony's new Google TV streamer is hard evidence that the company is fully committed to the Android-based IPTV ecosystem. Read More >>

Google TV 2.0: Android Honeycomb. Apps. Awesome.

When Google TV arrived last year in the US, it possessed promise and potential that was never quite realised. Now Google TV 2.0 is here, armed with apps and a new content discovery system. And the search giant thinks they've got it right this time. Read More >>

YouTube Rumored to Launch Their Professionally-Produced, Original Content ‘Channels’ Next Week

The Wall Street Journal expects the next generation of YouTube to begin next week with Channels, a handful of hubs focused around a particular theme that feature hours of original programming. Read More >>


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