Iran Unveils New Drone Amazingly Not Held Together by Tape

Iran welcomed a new addition to its drone fleet on Monday with the unveiling of the Fotros. Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says this familiar-looking can do anything from taking pictures of Israel to protecting Iran's borders. So he says. Read More >>

Iran's Suicide Combat Drone is Held Together With Packing Tape

While Iran's been busy bragging about mass-producing the American ScanEagle drone that crash landed there last year—and giving the Russians a copy—some less than intimidating footage is trickling out of Tehran. It looks like Iran's newest drones are pretty rickety. Read More >>

Iran Sure Did Pick a Bad Time to Hack into the US Navy's Computers

Obama barely got a chance to catch his breath after announcing historic talks with Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, when some discouraging news came across the wires. Presumably while all this good diplomacy was going down, Iranian hackers broke into unclassified Navy computers. Oh hell. Read More >>

Iran Has Hacked US Energy Companies

According to the WSJ, Iran has hacked US oil, gas and power companies. The hackers were able to gain access to control-system software "that could allow them to manipulate oil or gas pipelines". Basically, the hackers are far enough inside that people are starting to get worried. Read More >>

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Iran's New Uranium Production Facility: Because the Rest of the World Wasn't Pissed Off Enough Yet

Taking a page from the North Korean Handbook for Successful International Diplomacy, Iran has recently announced that it is inaugurating a new addition to its Ardakan Yellowcake Production Plant. The facility will handle the processing of the 60 some-odd tons of uranium excavated from the nearby Saghand uranium mine after the latest international round of unsuccessful nuclear negotiations. Because this isn't going to inflame tensions or anything. Read More >>

Stolen UK Laptop Is Sending Its Owner Secret Photos From Its New Home in Iran

Dom Del Torto is an animator currently living in the UK. Dom Del Torto's laptop is a MacBook Pro currently living 3,000 miles away in Iran. This was not a planned separation. Read More >>

Oh Yes, an Iranian Scientist Has Invented a Time Machine (So He Says)

Ali Razeghi, an Iranian scientist who is the managing director of Iran's Centre for Strategic Inventions, has done something only the great Doc Brown has done: he's created a time machine. But unlike Doc's DeLorean, Razeghi's "The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine" can only take you to the future. What are we waiting for? Let's go! Read More >>

Iran Photoshopped Its New Stealth Fighter Jet to Look Like It Was Flying When It Totally Wasn't

Oh, Iran. Your Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet sure looks intimidating but it will never get off the ground. So why do you insist on tricking everybody into thinking that the beast can fly? Iran's latest transgression is especially hilarious: they've photoshopped the Qaher 313 onto a stock image of Mount Damavand to make it look like its flying. Read More >>

Iran's Claiming to Have a Stealth Fighter

Iran's unveiled what they claim is their answer to the Western world's fighter aircraft -- their own, home-brewed stealth fighter to rival the very best of the US's aerial armada. Only problem? It's probably a hoax. Read More >>

New Money-Destroying Virus Attacks Iran

After the US and Israel cooked up Stuxnet — a potent cyber weapon aimed at Iran's nuclear facilities — whenever a virus targets Iran, it could be something major. This time around, the web threat wants to erase Iranian banks. Read More >>

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Iran's "New" Hovercraft May or May Not Have Been Built in the 1970s

Coinciding with the start of its massive Velayat 4 air-defence manoeuvres and amid rising tensions over its nuclear program, Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi unveiled Iran's newest weapon on Monday — a recon drone-launching, missile-firing, all-terrain-travelling hovercraft. One that looks suspiciously just like the ones they bought from the UK decades ago. Read More >>

Iran Walks Back Internet Censorship, Restores Gmail

After seriously flipping out, cutting of Iranian access to Google and basically herding all its citizens into a tiny little government-approved intra-net pen, the Iranian government has softened its Internet ban just a little bit and restored access to Gmail. Read More >>

Iran's Homemade War Drone Is in the Air

As the UN convenes to talk peace and love, Iran's Revolutionary Guard just launched a brand new unmanned drone—the Shahed-129, allegedly capable of spying on a giant chunk of the middle east. And firing missiles, of course. Read More >>

Iran Shuts Down Google; Will Completely Cut Citizens Off the Internet

While Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York saying some words nobody believes, his cronies at home are shutting every single one of their citizens out of the internet. Their excuse: 'we may get attacked by zionist viruses!' But of course! Read More >>


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