The NSA's Been Spying on Every Single Call, Text, and Email in Iraq

A couple weeks ago, we learned from leaked documents that the NSA has the capability to record an entire country's calls, texts, and email in real time. That's a hell of a capability, and those documents revealed that it was being used in one country. Now, thanks to a retired NSA leader, we know which country that is: Iraq. Read More >>

£620 Million Iraqi Parliament Will Rise Over Saddam's Half-Built Mosque

The Architect's Journal reports that Zaha Hadid will be the architect of Iraq's future parliament building, confirming rumours that have swirled for months. The supremely expensive building is the London-based architect's third planned project in the country where she was born. Read More >>

The Pentagon's Putting Its Big Brother Data Collection in the Cloud

News emerged this week that the U.S. Army, which has been collecting biometric data of locals in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, is going to start storing that data in the cloud. Put simply, biometrics is the collection of personal, physical data using devices like retina scanners, and no matter what way you spin the situation, it's a potentially pretty creepy practice. (Do you want the government to take pictures of the inside of your eyeball?) But in a warzone, it seems downright dangerous. Doubly so in the cloud. Read More >>

Iran Shows Decoded Video from Captured American Drone

If this is what it looks like, this is bad for everyone who isn't Iran: after claiming the capture of a downed, super-advanced American drone in 2011, we now have what looks like decoded video straight from its brain. Read More >>

BBC in Another Photo Error, Mixing Up its Wars for Dramatic Effect

The BBC has made another terrible photo mistake, and this one's nothing like as funny as the Halo/UN confusion. It used an image from the Iraq war in 2003 war to highlight the recent Syrian outrages, despite glaring inconsistencies between the facts and the actual pic. Read More >>

The Time I Planted a Pipe Bomb Under Someone's Truck

I almost crash into a truck, at first. I can turn on a dime and accelerate like a tiny nitrous-oxide-fueled bat out of hell—even though I'm holding a 10-pound pipe bomb, 30 per cent of my body weight. I don't know what I'm doing, really. But by the time I get to the truck to plant the bomb, it's easy. I know exactly what to do. Read More >>

star wars
The Sad Story of a Real Life R2-D2 Who Saved Countless Human Lives and Died

Robots can't have feelings. But humans develop feelings for them. You know, like R2-D2 in Star Wars. Or like Scooby Doo, a real life small robot that saved the day 19 times. This is his single-tear story. Read More >>

Meet the Real-Life War Machines

Like the prologue of any robopocalypse movie where the machines rise up to destroy us, most of the robots we hear about do things we could do, but don't want to. They mop our floors. They put together cars. They die for us. Read More >>

A Predator Drone Watches America Exit Iraq from Above

Have you heard? The war in Iraq is over! Pretty much. The humans are out — but the big robot eyes in the sky are going to stick around. Hey — here's a perfectly symbolic video! Read More >>

Drones Mean the Iraq War Is Never Over

Today, the US president said every soldier in Iraq is coming home, leading many to believe The War Is Over. Except it's not. Getting humans out of there is great, but the fact is war today doesn't need humans at all. Read More >>


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