If Going to a Party Was Like Playing a Video Game

Let's face it, for some gamers, going to a party is harder than playing a video game. And for partiers, playing video games is harder than partying. So what if we combined the two worlds and made a video game just for partying? It'd be a lot tougher than you think. Balancing getting drunk, meeting people, hanging with your friends, finding someone to hook up with and having a good time... without making mistakes. Read More >>

How Photoshop Would Work in Real Life

Imagine if you had the powers of photoshop in real life. You could fix any blemish, smudge any colour and brighten any situation with a quick drop down menu. How would it work? Photographer and graphic designer Flora Borsi imagined a life version of photoshop in a photo series called, "Photoshop in Real Life". Read More >>

Social Media Is Ruining Our Real Life Conversations

If you use Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, everybody already knows everything there is to know about you. That sailing trip you took? Liked. Breaking up with your girlfriend? Replied to on Twitter. All these over-sharing, always-on social networks create situations where there's nothing left to talk about! [Shoebox Blog via Neatorama] Read More >>


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