TALOS "Iron Man" Exoskeleton Army Armour Ready for Trials

Remember the "Iron Man" exoskeleton that the US Army was looking into providing its troops in the near future? It's taken a step towards becoming a common sight on the battlefield, as the sci-fi armour is now said to be about to enter field testing. Read More >>

The Code on Iron Man's Jarvis HUD? Yeah, it's For a LEGO Computer

From Iron Man to Doctor Who, Hollywood and small screen sci-fi hits alike love to dazzle viewers by flashing up reams of high-speed computer code that seemingly only heroic hacker heroes can decipher. However, one blogger has found that these lines of code are often lifted from far more prosaic sources than the onscreen action would suggest. Read More >>

This is the Best Consumer-Ready Iron Man Suit We've Ever Seen

Do you like Iron Man? Got £1,225 lying around? You're in luck, my friend, because the Iron Man Factory is open for business, and they're selling the best Iron Man suits we've ever seen. The only problem is you'll have to wait, oh, about a year to get yours. Read More >>

Glowing Arc Reactor Coasters are Just Enabling Tony Stark

It wasn't dealt with much in the movies, but in the Iron Man comic books Tony Stark is constantly battling alcoholism. And that's what makes these light-up glowing coasters ironic. On the big screen, he used the technology he developed to fight crime and make the world a better place. But in the comics, he would have probably been more inclined to turn the arc reactor into drink coasters just like these. Read More >>

US Army to Get Iron Man Suit For Troops in Just Four Years

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are currently developing armour made from magnetorheological fluids—liquid body armour—that transforms from liquid to solid in milliseconds when a magnetic field or electrical current is applied. Though still in development, this technology will likely be submitted to support TALOS. Read More >>

"Iron Man Armour" to Create an Army of US Super-Soldiers

As if the thought of being targeted by a drone strike wasn't enough to strike fear into the hearts of those on the wrong side of US military aggression, the news that the US Army is planning to create a legion of soldiers equipped with real-life "Iron Man armour" surely will. I mean, a single Robert Downey Jr is more than enough for one planet, right? Read More >>

The Flying Iron Man Suit We All Can Afford

It makes sense that the superheroes (and supervillains) with the best toys also happen to have access to billions of pounds to fund their exploits. The fact of the matter is, you're probably never going to own a life-size flying Iron Man suit. And instead of sulking about it, you should be happy that this 19-inch tall remote control alternative is just forty-five pounds, instead of forty-five million. Read More >>

Here's the Iron Man UI Elon Musk Wants to Use to Build Rockets

Not too long ago, real-life Tony Stark Elon Musk was talking on Twitter about wanting to design rocket parts using something awfully like the 3D hologram interface we've seen in Iron Man. Well here it is — complete with Leap Motion. It's not quite there, but it's still freakin' awesome. Read More >>

Elon Musk Wants to Build the Iron Man Hologram UI For Real

The hologram interfaces Tony Stark uses in Iron Man are awesome, no doubt. But they also aren't real. Yet. Elon Musk has been cooking up something very Stark-y, and he's planning to show it off soon. Read More >>

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A Cast That Makes You a Little Bit Iron Man Is Awesome

If you're wearing a cast, something bad probably happened. You may feel crappy about it or frustrated or some other dark feeling, but you tell yourself it isn't unbelievably itchy and just try to ignore it. Or. You draw an Iron Man arm on it and then you are bad ass anytime you do anything. Read More >>

It Might Have Iron Man, But HTC's New Full Ad Is Truly Bizarre

It's not often I'd think of writing about a leaked ad, but this one is just so weird it's worth looking at. All of HTC's advertising noodle has been spent on this. With Robert Downey Jr at the helm too. What the actual hell? Read More >>

A Real-Life Iron Man Suit That Could Be as Comfortable as Pyjamas

Tony Stark used exotic composites, metal alloys, and other Hollywood-only make-believe materials to build his armour-plated Iron Man suit. But researchers at Harvard University's Wyss Institute, constrained by the limitations of reality, took a different approach with a muscle-enhancing exoskeleton that could one day be as comfy to wear as your favourite pair of jeans. Read More >>

These Armoured Nike Air Mags Were Made for Iron Man

Though the Nike MAGs are already nostalgically beautiful in their own Back to the Future style, this custom Iron Man version of the Nike MAGs transforms the boot into something even more futuristic. Something that Tony Stark would invent. Something that you could imagine as part of Iron Man's armour. Something that I so desperately want. Read More >>

This Is How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended

Like, duh. If you have a lot of Iron Man suits, you use those Iron Man suits to blow things up. Especially bad guys. If you don't enjoy doing that, then don't be Iron Man! Go be Peace Corp Man instead. Read More >>

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The Visual Effects Behind Iron Man's HUD in Iron Man 3

Iron Man's HUD has always been one of the cooler details in any sci-fi movie. The way it pops up, the way it shields the face, the way it works — it's fantastically unreal and yet completely believable. And the beauty is in its impressive details. Read More >>

Biomedical Engineer on Making Iron Man 3's Extremis Tech Real

Extremis works, to paraphrase the movie, by hacking the operating system of your body using nanotechnology. Dr. Shuming Nie is a professor in Biomedical Engineering at Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and says the concept isn't too far off base. He says that within 10 years or so, we can have practical medical applications of nanoparticles that not only enhance the human body, but make performing surgery easier. Read More >>


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