PM Promises to Free Up White Space for "Internet of Things" and Invest in 5G Development

David Cameron has used a speech at CeBIT 2014 to talk about the "Internet of Things," suggesting that with Ofcom freeing up more parts of the UK's spectrum for commercial use our economy could benefit to the tune of £100bn by the year 2025. Read More >>

UK Porn Filters Strike Again, Now Messing with League of Legends Players

League of Legends, the massively popular multiplayer online arena battler, may feature some scantily-clad heros and heroines, but porn it is not. That, however, hasn't stopped the UK broadband operator's porn filters from kicking into overdrive and blocking access to a vital patch for the game. Read More >>

Tech Life in a Rural Place That Isn't London

It's a bit "London!" around here sometimes, isn't it? London's getting a new train. People ride bikes in London now, don't you know? London's getting a special type of coffee only for London people. London's got a new skyscraper shaped like a spatula. And so on. Read More >>

Facebook and Google are Buying Up the Cables That Carry the Internet

It can get a little bit annoying when people ramble on about how Facebook and Google are taking over the world. They're just websites! But when those websites start to buy up other things, say, the very cables that connect the people of the world—well that's actually pretty alarming. Read More >>

BT Sets Default Porn Filter to "On" for New Customers

New users of BT's broadband service will find their ability to accidentally stumble across the exact kind of pornography they like severely limited, thanks to the ISP wing of the company making its adult content filters live. Read More >>

BT Becomes the Most Complained About Broadcaster, Thanks to Broken BT Sport Launch

The arrival of BT Sport and all the hassle it brought with it saw complaints about BT's TV services more than double, as the phone giant made a bit of a mess of its transition to sports broadcaster. Read More >>

21 New Sites of Shame Added to BPI's UK ISP Piracy Blockade

If you get your music from suspiciously-named sites like eMp3World and Mp3Raid you're about to find yourself out of luck, as these -- and 19 other music download sites -- are about to hit the BPI's Pirate Bay lockdown list and disappear for good. Read More >>

Broadband Minister Admits to being "Useless" in Bizarre Hotel Bust-up

Ed Vaizey, the UK's minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, and therefore the man in charge of the botched broadband delivery system, has admitted to being "useless" during a weird altercation in a hotel after the Conservative party conference. Read More >>

Rural Broadband Mess Handed BT a Near-Monopoly and Was a Rip-Off, Say MPs

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has declared the UK's rural broadband plan a complete disaster, after the so-called bidding process led to BT winning every single one of the contracts -- and all the money -- to wire remote communities up to faster broadband. Read More >>

Ofcom Wants ISPs to Make Broadband Switching Quicker and Easier

Ofcom boss Ed Richards wants the UK ISPs to introduce new measures to make switching broadband provider much more straightforward, so we can enjoy flip-flopping between internet pipes with ease whenever a cheaper deal comes along. Read More >>

Uh Oh, UK Porn Filter Also Blocks VPNs

It looks like yet more non-porn things are going to get blocked in the UK as part of the indiscriminate filtering. VPNs are apparently now a target of filtering because they could possibly be used by children to get around age gates. Great, way to go and ruin it for the rest of us. Read More >>

800 Porn Site Requests Made From UK Parliament Network Every Day

It looks like our MPs have been conducting some serious research into the amounts of shocking pornography available on the internet, with a freedom of information request revealing that a staggering 300k requests for sites categorised as "porn" were made over the last year from Parliament computers. Read More >>

ISPs Asked to Compile "Downloader's Database" of Music Thieves

The BPI and the major UK record labels are meeting at Downing Street next week, to see what more can be done to dissuade piracy in the UK. Top of the list is pushing a scheme that asks ISPs to voluntarily track illegal downloaders to make their prosecution easier. Read More >>

BT's Shutting Down Dial-Up

Wait, people still use dial-up? Apparently so, and it costs more to use dial-up than it does to just pay for broadband. Either way, BT's pulling the plug on the 1st of September, so it's either get update or go dark. Read More >>

Virgin Media Joins Sony as PS4 "ISP Partner"

Virgin Media and Sony have signed some sort of blood-buddy pact covering this year's PlayStation 4 launch, with the ISP claiming it's now the "PlayStation 4 UK ISP partner" for Sony in the UK. Read More >>

Who Knew the UK Had the Most Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Apparently Britain is lit-up like a Wi-Fi-packing Christmas tree. In fact, we have more hotspots per square mile of street than any other European nation. And one-in-four of 'em are free, apparently. Read More >>


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